Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bridal Portrait Pictures

Remember when I showed you guys the sneak peek of my Bridal Portrait pics? And remember when I told you that I would post all of them for you guys to see? Yeah, I kind of forgot to do that. Sorry!! But, I did finally remember, so tadaa! They are here for your viewing pleasure.

Now there was like 108 pictures total, so instead of posting all of them for you guys to see here, I decided to just make the album I have of them public on Facebook so that you could just go through all of them. So, if you click the link below, you will be able to browse through all 108 of them.


Again, I was absolutely in love with how all of these pictures turned out. Jen at J Blazis Photography did an amazing job and I will definitely be using her in the future for other photo needs.

Enjoy everyone!


P.S. If the link is not working for you, please let me know ASAP and I will figure out a different way to post it. Thanks!

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