Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Okay, sorry, those two words should never be used in the same sentence again, haha! This weekend was a pretty crazy/ somewhat productive one. It started off with a physical, which sounds weird, haha! We recently purchased life insurance, and they require a physical so Saturday morning at the ass crack of dawn (okay it was really 9:30, but still it was early) this lady showed up to our house and administered our physicals. Sounds like fun, right? NOT!

After that I headed on over to the ARC because they were having a sale on all of their children's clothing. It was all $.99 so I went and bought my nieces a ton of clothes for school. I also found a nice mirror, a painting and a collage frame for pretty cheap for our house! Score!

After my shopping spree, I headed over to my Brother's house so that he could fix my car and so that I could help my Sis-in-law, Cassie, get some stuff done around the house. She's mega preggo(only four more weeks, eek!) and isn't supposed to be lifting stuff, so I offered to help out while my Brother fixed my car. Well the first half of the day we sat around and ate lunch while we waited for my Brother to get home. I think I even took a short nap at some point. Once he was home he fixed my car so it isn't so ridiculous to drive. Yay! Thanks big Bro!

Once the car was fixed, Cassie and I started working on relocating my Nieces toy room and sorting through all of their stuff. The planner and the organizer in me was going nuts doing this. I was trying to figure the best spot for everything and how to sort through everything. We eventually started getting everything together but stopped because we were starving. So we all decided to go to Freddy's for delicious burgers and yummy custard.

While we were at Freddy's my awesome Brother decided it would be fun to shoot spit wads at all of us. Well, he got me in the eye, twice. The first time I had my glasses on so it stuck to my lens. The second time, I didn't have my glasses on because I was trying to clean them off from the first time. Thanks jerk! And of course he thought it was hilarious!

My Brother laughing at me after he hit me with his spit wads.

MaKenzi eating her Dirt N' Worms Sundae

Kelsi eating her Dirt N' Worms Sundae

Sunday was less eventful. We started out the morning by going to Home Depot to get the supplies I needed to make my magnetic make up board. it isn't quite finished, but when it is, I will post about it. We worked on that for a good part of the day. We also went to JcPenny's to get Aran some new shoes for work. And of course, I walked out of there with a new pair of shoes too! I got these bad boys...

There hot pink!

I tried them on and it felt like I wasn't even wearing a shoe. They are so light weight. I asked Aran what he thought and he looked at me and said "Well, there hot pink, which is definitely you. And there very bright and loud, which is also you. So I say get them." Haha! My Husband knows me all to well! And I thought new running shoes might motivate me to actually get in the gym. And guess what? They did. I went to the gym last night!

We also did some grocery shopping, which was uneventful and then watched almost every Harry Potter movie made. ABC Family was having a Harry Potter weekend. I had to watch! 

So that my lovely readers was my weekend. Kind of crazy, with some boring parts in there. How was your weekend?  Did you get anything done that you have been wanting to get done?


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