Thursday, February 7, 2013

Clearance Shopping

Most of you know by now how much I love a good bargain. So when I went on Eddie Bauer's website today and found that they had some amazing clearance deals, I was stoked. And almost $70 later, I am a happy girl.

Now I originally went on there to see if these shirts that the Hubby loves were on sale. They are usually like $50 shirts and that is a little rich for my blood, but today they were on clearance for $14.99!!!! Say what??!!  And it just so happens that the Hubby's Birthday is on Friday. Call it fate or destiny or whatever you want, but it was mean to be. The Hubby will look so handsome in these shirts!



And of course I couldn't leave the site without looking at the women's clearance. What kind of person would I be? I seriously found so many things that I wanted, but as most of you probably have dealt with, when stuff is on clearance, they don't always have the size or color that you would like. But of course I did manage to find myself a few things. 

Like this adorable henley...


And this Motion Hoodie for going to the gym and for when I go walking or any other type of activity!


I am pretty excited about all of my purchases. Especially since I didn't pay over $18 for anything that I bought. Like I said, I love a great deal. 


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  1. I love sales!!! It is dangerous for my credit card though.


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