Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Letters

Happy Friday everyone!!

 Before I get to Friday's Letters, I want to say Happy Birthday to my amazing Husband! Today is his 26th Birthday. So we have both taken the day off and plan on doing absolutely nothing. I know, such party people, haha! I love you so much honey and I hope that you have a wonderful Birthday!


Dear Hubby, 
Happy Birthday! I love you sooo much! And sorry that your gift won't be here on time. Better late than never, right?

Dear Louie Dog,
I thought you were done being sick. You are really starting to worry me and I don't know what else to do. Please get better soon and stay better!

Dear Snow,
Where is my big storm? Everyone else gets one. Why don't I?

Dear Gilmore Girls,
You are and probably always will be my favorite TV show to watch. You never get old and you make me laugh all the time.

Dear Laundry,
I would really appreciate it if you would put your self in the washer and dryer and fold yourself afterwards. I don't really feel like hauling you up and down the stairs today. 

Dear House,
Clean yourself please. I am tired of cleaning up after you all the time. 

Dear Sheldon,
You are driving me up the freaking wall this morning. Why are you getting into everything humanly possible this morning? Ugh! Please just chill the eff out and be a good kitty.

That's all I've got for today. Have a great weekend everyone!


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