Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Babies "R" Us Will Do To You

Last night the Hubby and I headed to Babies "R" Us to buy a gift for a friend of ours. I never realized what that place will do to you if you stay in their long enough.

We had just finished picking out the gift for our friend Amanda when we started just looking around. First we started looking at bedding sets. We kept picking out ones that we liked and thought we would pick if we had kids. 

And then we looked at the furniture. We were talking about how we wanted a crib that has the changing table attached or one that will turn into a bed for when they get too big for the crib. 

And then of course, I had to walk through all of the clothes and oh my freaking gosh, they are all so adorable. 

It was around the time that I was done looking at the clothes that I realized a few things. First, I am probably going to be the most indecisive person ever when it comes to registering for baby stuff. There are so many things to choose from and everything is so cute. I think registering for a baby is going to be way more of a nightmare than registering for our wedding was. 

The second thing I realized is that babies are damn expensive. Some of those cribs alone were like $700. Yikes!!! And not to mention all the other crap you need. Bottles, diapers, clothes, etc. Wow!! I am freaking out just thinking about it.

And the last thing I realized was that I needed to get out of there and STAT!! Being in there and seeing all of the cuteness was making me think that I wanted to have a kid like yesterday. As soon as I realized that I was acting like a crazy person, I told the Hubby that we needed to leave. 

So just a forewarning, staying in Babies "R" Us for long periods of time will brainwash you  into thinking that you are ready to have kids. Or that you need a kid right away. Don't say I didn't warn you!



  1. Someone's got baby feeeeevveeeerrrr!!! Haha

  2. you should of stuck around know you want a babay!!!!! hahaha do it!!!

  3. baby shoes get me every time! Better start saving now, so when the time comes you'll be prepared! :)

  4. Haha!! They are expensive! Up to 10,000 a year! But seriously they are the best things! Evelyn is my reason to be here and I enjoy every minute!

  5. Babies R Us is a-mazing! I love that store so much. And you know when you have kids you are going to inherit so much from us, right?

    You know that they are expensive, but look at it like this.

    You can raise then with what they need, and will respect and appreciate what they have.
    Or you can raise them with what they want, and they will ungrateful for what they are given.

    Babies are a major decision but I think they are the best. We might be poor as dirt but getting endless hugs, giggles, kisses and love is what I fall asleep to and wake to every morning.



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