Tuesday, February 26, 2013

That Time I Ran a Mile

For some of you this may not be a big deal. And you are probably going to look at me and go, wow! But, for someone who hates running this is a big deal for me.

Last night at the gym, I ran an entire mile. I didn't stop. Not once. And...I ran it in under 12 minutes. Whoop whoop!!! I know for some of you that probably isn't a big deal, but considering the last time I ran an entire mile without stopping was probably in High School, I was pretty damn proud of this!!!

And now I have a great starting point that I can keep trying to improve on. I hope one day to be able to run a mile in 10 minutes. I know I can do it. I just have a lot of work to do to get to that point. But I am glad that I have set a goal for myself. 

And by the way, as of today I am down 7.8 lbs. And last week I took my measurements and I have lost inches everywhere already. I am excited that I am doing so well and I can't wait to keep pushing myself! 



  1. AWESOMESAUCE!!!! When will you post before & afters? I have to redo mine :)

  2. yay congrats on running a mile!! it is a step in the running direction and just gotta keep it up and put one foot in front of another and soon you will be at 2 miles

  3. Awesome!! I know exactly how hard it can be to get that one mile done...you should be so proud!!

  4. go Megan! That is pretty good for not having run in a while if you ask me!!!

  5. good for you!! That is pretty good for not having run in awhile. I used to run SO MUCH and I really haven't done it in 2 years now, but I miss it. I never thought I would be a person who actually "misses" running..but you'll be amazed how quickly your stamina can increase...keep it up girl!

  6. yeahhh girl! that first mile is a big step! you're counting MILES now! you should be really proud of yourself!

  7. This is awesome girl! I HATE running so much. I'll bike, swim, anything but run, haha so good for you! Congrats on being down almost 8 pounds! I'm working on 10 more. :) So glad you stopped by and followed, love your blog design girl!


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