Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Placebo Effect

I am pretty sure almost everyone has heard of the Placebo Effect. And some people will say it works, some people will say it doesn't.

As of right now, I myself believe that it does work. Especially in the case of my dog, Louie.

I told you guys about how he kept getting sick. Well this last time around, I told the Hubby that I wanted to try something once we were done giving him his medicine. I wanted to keep giving him a very small piece of cheese at the same time everyday to see if it would create a placebo effect. Cheese is what we were told by the vet to put his medicine in. So we wanted to see if he associated the cheese with feeling better.

So every morning he runs down stairs because he knows that he gets a piece of cheese. And every night when we get home and let him out of his kennel, he runs down to the fridge, because once again, he knows that it is cheese time. And it has been over a week since we stopped giving him his antibiotics and he has yet to get sick again(knock on wood). Yay!!!! But now that I think of it, he may just have us trained, haha!

Now I don't know if it is the cheese or if the antibiotics finally did what they were supposed to (I'm going to say it's the cheese). It may even be a little bit of both. All I know is my pupper is feeling a million times better, and I am glad to have the little teddy bear full of energy again!! 



  1. That's a pretty good idea! Glad he is feeling better!

  2. Glad he's feeling better! Nothing is worse than a sick dog. Breaks your heart.

  3. Hey there! Thank you for your sweet comment! I love meeting fellow Coloradans :) This is hilarious! It's funny how dogs and humans.... we're both so different, yet we still have many of the same reactions and characteristics. I won't lie though, if I ate a piece of cheese every day, I'm pretty positive it could cure ANYTHING ;) Have a good day! I'm so excited to hear more about you and your life. Fantastic blog! I'm totally in love with your layout.


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