Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back! Week 4

It is Thursday, which means it is time for this weeks fitness link up hosted by myself and K from Down at Fraggle Rock. So grab the button and tell us how you did this week!

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This week was actually very good for me. I still wasn't able to work out due to my back. Although I did plan on going on two walks this week with a friend after work, but considering that it snowed and was like 20 something degrees, we decided not to go. Next week for sure though!

I really watched what I ate this week. And I logged all but two days into My Fitness Pal. I was under on my calories on each day that I did log my food in. 

Since it is week 4, a whole month since we started this link up, we decided to share progress pictures. Here are mine. 

I can see a little bit of a change. What's weird is I see more of a change in my face than anything else. Next time I will try to get a less blurry picture. 

Here is the side view. Dummy me didn't realize that I was taking a picture of a different side. Oops! But oh well. I can see a little bit of a change in my mid section. Hopefully next time we do progress pictures it will be even better!

And here are my measurements for this week. I had some more change in my measurements even since last week. See, eating right can do something for you!

I was down 1 lb this week and lost some inches in other places! Woohoo!! I can't wait to see my results once I can get back into the gym. It just goes to show that eating healthy is definitely a key part to this equation. 

How did you guys do? Don't forget to link up so everyone can see how you did this week. And make sure to head on over to K's to check out her results too! 



  1. A little difference? I see a BIG difference! Way to go!!!

  2. I can't believe it has already been a month. Good job!! I also can't believe it snowed. That is a very good excuse for not walking outside. I hope your back feels better soon.


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