Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back! Week 5 Link Up

***Sorry this is so late. Blogger was being particularly stupid this morning and was making this post way more difficult than it needed to be.***

It's Thursday, which means it is time for this weeks Bringing Sexy Back Link up hosted by K from Down at Fraggle Rock and yours truly! So grab the button, link up with us and tell us how you did this week!

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I feel absolutely amazing about this week. It rocked. And even though the scale and my measurements didn't show any change this week, I am very proud of myself and everything that I accomplished. 

So like I said before, I saw absolutely no change in my measurements or on the scale. 

So what made this week so great for me? Let's start with the fact that I logged my food in myfitnesspal every day! And I am going on almost 15 days in a row with logging my food. That is definitely a big step for me. I always do so much better when I track my food, so I am glad that I am getting back on the band wagon. 

What else made this week amazing? I have been active or at the gym every day this week since Sunday. Sunday the Hubby and I took Louie for a walk around the neighborhood. Monday my friend and I did half an hour(or so) on the elliptical at the gym at her apartments. Tuesday I went to the gym and did the elliptical for a 15 minute warm up and then lifted weights (arms and shoulders) for another half hour or so. And yesterday my friend and I were able to take a walk around her neighborhood. The weather finally cooperated. And then I came home and took Louie on another walk when I got home. 

And I have even more plans to be active this week. Tonight I have Zumba and tomorrow I have a Zumba Glow Party that I am going to and then of course I have my Saturday morning Zumba class. Tonight will be my first time back at Zumba since I hurt my back, so lets hope it goes well. 

Even though I had no change on the scale or in my measurements, I am so proud of myself for getting back in the gym and staying active this week. I probably could have done a little bit better with the food that I consumed, but I did track it, so I am going to keep on with the positive thoughts. 

My goals for this next week are to continue tracking my food every day. Go to the gym at least five times and to be below 220 by next weeks weigh in. I know I can do it. I just have to set my mind to it and keep up all the good habits that are starting to form. 

How did you guys do this week? We want to hear all about it. And make sure you head on over and check out K's progress. Have a great day everyone and I can't wait to read about your progress!



  1. Great job!!! So proud of you for getting back in there!

  2. You're doing awesome!! I can usually accomplish doing something active all week OR logging all my food, and let's be honest, logging my food is the first thing I chuck out the window!! You're inspiring me to eat better and to work out more, that's for sure. I also need to find a Zumba class - is a glow party what it sounds like?! I need to do that!! So fun!!


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