Tuesday, January 21, 2014

3 Day Weekend Recap

Okay well kind of a three day weekend. I had to work for a little bit yesterday morning, but was off the rest of the day, so I will count it as a three day weekend. 

Friday was pretty low key once again. Went to the gym, then grabbed some Subway on the way home for dinner. We just watched TV the rest of the night. It was really the only relaxing part of the weekend. 

Saturday I had to get up early and put our Christmas tree out on the curb so the Boy Scouts could come pick it up. After I put the tree out, I got some breakfast and then headed to the gym for Zumba. After Zumba was over I headed over to the nail salon to get my nails filled. They had already grown out so much in the two weeks since I had them done. After that I headed to Ulta to get a few things that I needed.

I have to say that one thing that bugs the crap out of me is when you finally find a color of eyeshadow that you like and then you go back to get more and they don't have it! It is annoying! Luckily I was able to order it online, but still! Sometimes being a girl just seems like too much work and causes too many problems. Just saying!

After I left Ulta and only spent $15 (that was a miracle in itself) I went home to get ready to go out with my friend V. I picked V up around 5:30 and we headed out to her Mom's house for Ladies Night. We had some great food, some great conversation and just a great time. I did pretty good with eating healthy too except for the brownie that I had. I felt bad the rest of the weekend though after eating it. I guess that is good though. We headed back home around 11:30 and after dropping V off, I got home a little after midnight.

My food for the night. The chips were made out of beans.
V's Mom's dog eyeballing the bowl of food on the table next to him. Too funny!
Sunday I tried sleeping in but I was too anxious so it didn't happen. So we got up and got our errands done for the day. Then we took the dog on a walk and then it was time for the Broncos game. It was a great game to watch and both teams played hard! 

On our walk with Louie!
After the game was over I decided that since I had that brownie the night before that I needed to go to the gym. I was still feeling guilty about it. So I went and walked on the treadmill at various inclines and speeds for an hour. I followed it up with some stretching and holy crap did I feel good afterwards. 

I spent the rest of Sunday night doing nothing. I was tired and I knew I had to be up early so I went to bed early too. 

Monday morning rolled around and I had to get the Husband to work by 8 and I had to head into the office as well even though technically yesterday was a paid Holiday for us. But I had to get some stuff done for payroll. Believe it or not, employees don't like it if they don't get paid. Who would have thunk it?! 

After I got my stuff done at work, I headed back home. It was about noon by the time I got home, so I got myself some lunch and then got to work on cleaning the house. I cleaned for almost five hours. I was so exhausted by the time I had to leave to go pick up Aran from work. And then not to mention I had a session with my personal trainer later that night. 

Louie was trying to get my lunch. He thought it was for him!
After I picked up Aran and we grabbed some dinner, I headed to the gym to meet with my trainer. He then proceeded to KILL my legs. Oy! I could barely walk after leaving the gym. And he was smirking about it the whole time. He was fully aware that he was killing me and he enjoyed every second of it. 

After I was done at the gym I headed home and proceeded to do nothing. My legs were so sore that I just didn't even want to move. 

And that was my weekend. It was nice having a little extra time. I got a lot of cleaning done that I haven't had time for lately, so that was definitely nice. And the weather here this weekend was absolutely beautiful. It was no jacket weather which was amazing! 

How was everyone else's weekend? Do anything fun and exciting?


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  1. Haha the Pats played HORRIBLY, you can admit it :)


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