Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend Recap

Well hello there! Remember me? Yeah, I have been MIA quite a bit lately. I blame the Holidays. Everything was just so hectic, it made it hard to find time to blog. Or do anything for that matter. But, now that things are slowing down, I am ready to get back to blogging. So let's get right back into the swing of things with my recap of this past weekend. 

Even though I only had to work two days last week, by the time Friday afternoon rolled around, I was completely drained and exhausted from work and needed the weekend in the worst way. After picking up the Husband from work, we headed to the gym. The gym has become my stress relief. I go there, put my head phones on, blast some great music, shut the world out and go to town on my workouts. It's one of the best feelings. 

After working out for a few hours, we left the gym and grabbed some dinner from one of our fave places, Garbanzo. It was delicious as always. We spent the rest of our night at home just doing nothing. I think I even went to bed early that night. I was pretty tired after all. 

Saturday morning I woke up and headed to the gym for Zumba. After Zumba I stayed at the gym for a bit longer and walked on the treadmill just to get some extra steps and cardio in. After I was done there, I went and got my eyebrows waxed and then headed home so that I could wait for my Brother and my Sis-In-Law to bring my little Niece Rylei over so that I could watch her for a few hours. 

They showed up a little bit before 2 and then left for a few hours to go see a movie. Miss Rylei and I hung out and watched some TV, had some snacks and played out in the snow for a little bit. And I just have to add that I am the coolest Aunt ever since I gave Miss Rylei chocolate chips. At least she seemed to think so!

After their movie was over, my Brother and Sis-In-Law came and picked Rylei up. After they left we didn't really do much the rest of the night. We cooked dinner and watched TV. We were both pretty tired and just wanted to relax the rest of the night, so we just sat around watching TV. 

Sunday we both slept in for a little bit, but I eventually couldn't sleep any longer and got up to get my day started. I ate some breakfast and then headed out to get my nails done. I rarely go pay to get my nails done, but every now and then I get a wild hair and want to go have someone else do them. And I have been working really hard at my weight loss, so I decided that I deserved it. The Hubby agreed and even offered it to be my anniversary gift, so I jumped on that. I went and got a pedicure and a full set of acrylics done. 

I have to say that the best part of the pedicure is the massage chair and the leg massage that you receive. My legs have been super tight from working out so much, so it was very much needed and felt amazing. And I decided to support my favorite football team with my nail color. The guy that did them did a great job too!

After pampering myself for a little bit, I went and did our grocery shopping for the week and then headed home. I spent the rest of the evening doing ridiculous amounts of laundry and cleaning up our bedroom. 

It was a great weekend with lots of relaxing. I hope there are many more relaxing weekends in my future because this one was much needed. How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?



  1. I really wish I could start to like the gym the way you are now!

  2. Love the nail, you are def an awesome aunt! Chocolate chips?! I'd love you too :) rylei is so cute, you are so lucky to be so close to her! Hope this wknd is great too!


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