Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday

I am so excited that it is already Wednesday! Not only are we already half way through the work week, but it's also time for Weigh-In Wednesday!

This past week was kind of up and down as far as eating goes. There were a few little miss steps, but I am not perfect and I am trying to bounce back from them. I have been keeping up with going to the gym though. I actually haven't taken a day off from the gym since the 12th of this month. So as long as I can keep that up and get my eating back under control, I think everything will start moving in the right direction again.

Weight-197.4 down a lb from last week. Hey a lb is still a lb! And I will take it anywhere that I can get it! But I have some even better news! At my training session on Monday, my trainer did my body fat percentage again and...I am down another 3% on my body fat! And that is just in the last three weeks!!!!! Whoop whoop!!! 

This week I am going to work hard at getting back on track with eating. Even though my slip ups last week weren't huge, I need to get them under control and not let them happen again for a very long time. I mean I get that it is okay to indulge every once in a while, but I allowed myself to do that twice last week and that is just not okay! So here is to a new week and to getting back on track and losing some more weight!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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