Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday's Letters

Good morning everyone! And Happy Friday!!

Dear People Driving This Morning,
Learn how to stay in your freaking lane!!!! How hard is it to stay within those two lines? Gah!!!!!!!

Dear 5:30 am,
You come entirely too soon. And early. I would appreciate it if you would just slow down a little bit and take your time coming around each morning. Thanks!

Dear Kitties,
I promise you are not starving. You get fed twice a day. And yes, I realize that your Dad is really slow in the mornings when it comes to feeding you, but that doesn't mean that you have to knock every single thing you can find off of my nightstand and annoy the crap out of me! Go bug him. He's the one that won't get out of bed to feed you. 

Dear Husband and Louie(the dog),
I don't appreciate you two pushing me out of bed last night. Louie you took up half the bed on your own. You weigh all of 12 lbs! You don't need half of the bed. And Husband,  you need to push him over if he does that to you again. Don't push me out, push the dog! If this happens again, you are going to have a very angry Wife in the morning. And I promise it won't be pretty :) 

Dear Winter,
If you are going to be cold, at least send some snow. Sheesh! At this rate, I am ready for summer. I am tired of it being cold with no snow. I would rather it just be warm. 

Dear Guys at the Gym,
You do not own the place! I pay just as much to be there every day as you do! And don't try and intimidate me off of the machine I am using because you need it. Screw you! You can have it when I am done, which might not be for a while since you are being an ass hole! Just saying. 

Dear Ladies Night,
I am really excited that you are finally going to be here tomorrow. I sooooo need some time out to just have fun and think about nothing!

Dear Wes Welker Raffle,
Please pick me! I would love to go to the game this weekend and meet you! So yeah, draw my name!!!

Dear Broncos( K and Britt, don't read this one, haha!),
Don't break my heart this weekend please. So how about we play a full four quarters this weekend and win this game so that we can go to the Super Bowl?! Got it!! Thanks!

Dear Broncos Nation,
If you are going to the game this weekend, I fully expect you to be screaming your ass off. I want it to be so loud there that you can't hear the person next to you! Do your job as a fan and take one for the team and lose your voice because you are screaming so loud! 

Okay, that is all I have for today. Hope everyone has a great weekend! And Go Broncos!!!


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  1. PATRIOTSSSS WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're going down brother! Also BOOOOOO Peyton Manning BOOOO


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