Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Letters

Oh my gosh I am so excited that Friday is here! It has been a long and draining week and I am ready for some down time. With that being said, lets dive into some letters!

Dear Friday,
Thank you for finally arriving. Enough said!

Dear Work,
Could you please calm the eff down? I seriously don't know how to even keep up anymore other than staying late and coming in on the weekends and this girl is not about to do that too often. So if you could just chillax, I would appreciate it!

Dear Gym,
I get that everyone is trying to start their new year off right, but holy eff, I wish you weren't so busy! When I can't even get on a machine to do something, we have a problem. But I still love you! 

Dear Zumba,
Thank you for kicking my ass every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. My ass really does appreciate it!

Dear Personal Trainer,
Thanks for kicking my ass as well. And also thank you for making me feel like a bad ass after learning how to do dead lifts. Pretty proud of that right there. 

Dear New Socks,
You are so soft and comfy and I love you. Haha! Yes, I love my new socks that much. I am a weirdo, I know. 

Dear Self,
So this happened this morning...

That's right. I am officially out of the 200's and I am so proud of myself for finally accomplishing this goal! I am nowhere near my end goal, but I am that much closer! I officially weigh less than what my license says! Boom!

Okay, that is all I have for you guys today. I am so happy that it is Friday. And I hope that you guys have a fantastic weekend! And Go Broncos!!!!



  1. Woo hoo! Congratulations! Hard work and dedication! You're a rock star!

  2. HOORAY! It's the BEST feeling ever!!! Congrats girl!

  3. Congrats in hitting one of your major goals!! And through the holidays?! Seriously amazing!


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