Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY Signs & The Finished Product

 I love making things. I love being creative and seeing the finished product. It is just something that I have always loved to do. So when I bought the Bird Cage card holder, which you can read about here, I decided that I wanted to make a cute sign to put on the front of it so that our guests would know what it was for. The sign ended up turning out better then I thought it was going to. So now, I have decided to share with you guys how I made this sign so that you can make them as well if they are something that you have been looking to do. Here goes...

  • Card stock in color of your choice
  • Fun shape to trace
  • Possibly a scanner/printer
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Photo squares
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Alphabet stickers or a stencil

  • First start off by finding a fun shape that you would like to use for the sign. I actually used a shape that I got off of my Vera Bradley Planner. I had kept this little ribbon thing attached to the front cover of my planner because I really liked the shape of the little tag on it. I am glad that I did because I realized that it was the shape that I had been wanting to use for signs but couldn't find anywhere. So I traced it on paper and then had Aran copy it on our printer and make it bigger. 

  • Then I cut out the bigger shape and traced it onto the paper that I was wanting to use. 

  • Then I cut it out.

  • Once I had it cut out, I put my ribbon together. I wanted to use two different colors of ribbon so I found a thicker pink ribbon that I liked and then a smaller brown ribbon with a pattern on it. I centered the brown ribbon in the middle of the pink ribbon and I used photo squares(pretty much double sided stick squares) to pretty much glue the ribbons together without having huge bulges from glue. 

  • Once I had the ribbon put together, I attached it to one side of the sign using the photo squares again. Then I took the ribbon and wrapped it all the way around the bird cage to make sure that I had the right length of ribbon before I cut it. 
  • Once I knew how much ribbon I needed, I cut my ribbon to the right length.
  • I went ahead and attached my letters to the sign so that it read "CARDS." I bought puffy alphabet stickers from Archiver's, but you could use a stencil too and cut out the letters from another color of card stock that matches.

  • I then started to attach it to the bird cage. I did this by first attaching the sign on the front of the cage where I wanted it. Make sure you only attach one side though so that you can put your ribbon underneath the other side as you bring it around.I did this with a little bit of hot glue. 
  • Once the sign was where i wanted it, I started attaching the ribbon around the cage. I did this with a little drop of hot glue on each small bar on the cage. 

  • When I got to the front, I finished putting the ribbon on with hot glue, and then I attached the other side of the sign over the top of the ribbon. This made it look like a solid band going all the way around. 
  • Once this is finished, you are done.
Completed look

Side view

I am also planning on using the same shape to make the smaller signs for each of our candy jars so that our guests know what candy they can choose from.

I hope that you guys can find this useful. If you are confused about any of the steps that I have listed or just have questions in general, please feel free to leave me a comment or email me @


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