Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Card Holder

Something that I knew I definitely wanted at the reception was a card holder. I have seen some pretty cute ones before at other people's weddings and then I have seen people not even use them. I decided that I definitely wanted to have one more for my own piece of mind than anything. I worry about someone trying to take off with something like that. I feel like there is less of a chance of someone walking off with some cards if they are in something that actually closes. I know, that seems like something that you shouldn't worry about, but I worry about EVERYTHING. Just ask everyone I know. And I would hope that one of our guests wouldn't do that, but at the same time, you never know.

Anyways, I couldn't decide what I wanted to use. I had seen the cake looking ones that people sometimes have and I decided that it wasn't for me. So I wanted to find something a little smaller and something that would be fun. Enter the bird cage. A while back I posted about a few things that I had found at Hobby Lobby in the wedding section. The bird cage was one of them. So when Hobby Lobby had their 50% off sale for their wedding stuff, I jumped at the chance to buy the bird cage. With it being 50% off, I actually only spent $10 on this birdcage and I couldn't be more pleased.

Via Hobby Lobby Website

I decided that the birdcage by itself though wasn't enough. So I am going to spruce it up a little by adding a cute little sign that reads "Cards" so that our guests actually know what it is for. I'm also thinking about adding a ribbon to the top of the cage where the little handle is, but I am not sure yet. I will play with that and see how it works. I have already started on the sign, but I am looking for the right letters to put on their so once I have found those, I will let you guys see the final product. I will also do a little tutorial on how I made the sign. So be on the lookout for that HOPEFULLY soon!

Did you decide to have a card holder at your wedding? What did you decide to use for one if you did?


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  1. I also found like and antique box at hobby lobby for 50% off to use as a card just can't go wrong with Hobby Lobby. I love the birdcage idea though!


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