Monday, September 26, 2011

Wedding Hair Styles

So today I called and scheduled my hair and make up trial with the lady that cuts my hair. We set the appointment up for the 3rd of December. I know that seems like a long ways out, but really it is only a little over two months away. With that being said, I have started the search for what I want my hair to look like on the big day.

Of course I started where most people do, Google Image Search. I typed in "Wedding Hairstyles" and began looking. For some reason, one style has popped out at me a few different times and oddly enough each time it was Carrie Underwood who was sporting the hair do. Granted, two of the pictures are the "same" just different angles, but I have fallen in love with this hair do. And apparently so has Carrie Underwood!


Side view of the same hair do above

Slightly different

Now, the hairstyles aren't exactly the same, but they have the same overall look. I am seriously thinking that this is the hairstyle that I will be sporting on the day of the wedding, but with a few changes here and there. Who knows! I still have two months and knowing me I may change my mind by the time that the appointment rolls around. 

What do you guys think of the hair? Where did you find your inspiration?



  1. I did the same thing, google images and the knot has some so check there too. Oh its funny, alot of my hair inspirations that I bring to my hairdresser are of Carrie Underwood, I just think she is so classic and pretty! I love this one!

  2. trust me, december third is NOT far away (hehe it's my wedding date). that's a good amount of time to get your trial! i think carrie makes for an excellent hairspiration person just because her hair is just naturally so pretty! good luck when the time comes for your trial!

  3. I think that is GORGEOUUS, and perfect for a wedding! DEF. try that hairstyle out! I did the same thing as you: Googled hairstyles, and have your hair person just try and TON of different styles on you - up/down/half-up/ everything, you'll never know what you might end up liking!

  4. I love this style! I do the same thing, be it on Google images, the Knot, or - though I prefer searching for celebrity pics, as their makeup always has more of an "oomph!" factor than the pics on the Knot.


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