Friday, September 30, 2011

Wedding Band Shopping

This past Saturday, Aran and I decided to go look at wedding bands. We knew where we were going to go and about how much we were going to spend on them too. But what we weren't planning on, was buying them three months out from the wedding. We had originally talked about waiting until December so that we wouldn't have to worry about the payments until after we were done with the wedding. 

Aran bought my engagement ring from Helzberg last September and when we bought it they had a deal going on that if you purchased the ring using a Helzberg credit card, there was no interest for a year(yep, I got to pick my ring out!) So after picking out the ring we figured out how much he would have to pay each month for us to have that puppy paid off in a year so that we wouldn't have to pay any interest on it. When we figured it out, it was very doable. So we applied for the card and put my engagement ring on it and just finished paying it off within the last month.

My engagement ring

It sparkles!!

Two weeks ago we went in to have the 6 month service done on my ring where they clean it and check the prongs and all of that good stuff. While we were there, Janelle, the lady that has been helping us and who has been helping Aran's parents for years, told us that the same deal was currently going on and that it was over at the end of September. So, we decided it was probably best to buy them now so that we wouldn't have to pay the interest charges.

So we went last weekend to pick out our bands. I pretty much knew which band I was going to pick out for my ring because when we had been looking at my engagement ring they had shown us an option of a band that looked amazing with my ring so my mind was pretty made up already. Aran on the other hand I was not sure what he was going to get. We had looked a couple months ago and he had picked out a ring for himself but, I had a feeling that he was going to change his mind though.

When we looked at his band again, we realized it was just too big for his finger. Aran has long skinny fingers so we wanted to make sure that the ring wasn't going to look ridiculously huge on him. So after looking for about twenty minutes and going back and forth between two or three rings, he finally picked out the one that he wanted. And the winner is...

Via the Helzberg Website

So we went ahead and ordered his band in the size he needed (we got the call yesterday saying that it was already in and it was ready to be picked up) and my band actually came straight home with me because we are waiting to have it sized until we send in my engagement ring with it to have them put together. Do you want to see my band? Okay, you twisted my arm enough, haha! Here it is...

So pretty! Except for the chipped nail polish, haha!

Sorry to make you wait, but you won't get to see the engagement ring and the band together until after the wedding or maybe the week of. I have to leave some things a surprise! 

How far in advance did you buy your bands? Did you and your significant other pick out your own bands? Or was it a surprise?



  1. Your rings are lovely!! It sounds like picking them out went well too!! :)

  2. Your engagement ring is sooo gorgeous! Sort of similar to mine, and I think it will look great with the band you got. I got two bads as well and I picked mine out myself! The engagement ring was all up to Groomzilla!


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