Monday, September 19, 2011

Update on the Weekend Wedding Madness

Well, it is Monday which means back to work...meh! I am slowly realizing that it is getting harder and harder to concentrate at work as the wedding gets closer and closer. What am I going to do when the countdown goes from months to weeks? It is going to be very difficult, but we are getting ready to head into busy season, so hopefully I will have enough  work to keep my mind occupied. Anyways, on Friday I told you guys that we had a long list of non-wedding and wedding things to do this weekend. So here is an update on how all of that went.

First up on Saturday was our cake tasting. Let me just say that by the time I left there I felt like I was in a sugar coma. We tried so many different cakes that I am caked out for a while. I don't even want to think about another piece of cake for a couple of months. However, we did decide on the flavors that we would be using in our cake. Our main cake has three tiers and we picked out a different flavor for each of those. The winners were a vanilla cake with vanilla mousse, red velvet cake with cream cheese, and a cake that is called an elodie(pronounced l-o-d), and it is a chocolate cake with raspberry mousse. We also picked out a flavor for Aran's Grooms cake. I let him make this decision, well because it is his cake. He picked out Tiramisu. Yummy!   We also talked about what we wanted the cake to look like and what colors and everything. Once all of the details were hashed out, we put down our deposit and we were done. This picture is essentially what our cake is going to look like, but where there is orange, put pink and teal instead and not only that but we are going to have the column tiers in between and they will be covered in fresh flowers! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Via Wedding Wire Picture Gallery

Before we went to 5:00 mass on Saturday we picked up our invitations! They are gorgeous! I am in love with them and I can not wait to get them in the mail so that I can show you guys. The guy that did them, did an amazing job and I am so glad that we did not settle for something that was just okay. When we got home on Sunday night I was very eager to start assembling them. I have all of them stuffed with the Reception card, the RSVP card and the RSVP envelope. I only have about 20 or so with the actual invitation attached. I ran out of the mounting squares that I was using so I had to wait till I could get more. Luckily, I picked some up at lunch today, so tonight the mass assembly of them will continue! 

After mass we headed to Park Meadows which is one of the big malls in that area. We had three things to do while were were there and somehow I managed to squeeze one more in, haha! First we went to Helzberg to have the 6 month maintenance on my ring done. We also discussed with Janelle, the lady who sold us my engagement ring and who we absolutely love, our wedding bands. We picked out which one we are purchasing for me and and we also talked about when we should buy them. Well, of course they are doing a deal right now where if we were to buy our bands before the end of this month and we put them on our Helzberg card, that we wouldn't have to pay interest on them for a year. That is what we did with my engagement ring and Aran just finished paying it off this month, so it looks like he and I both have more payments coming in our near future!

Next up was Williams Sonoma to do our last registry. Pretty much the same deal as BBB but with a whole lot less to choose from. It was a lot more fun this time and it wasn't as overwhelming, and not only that, but I got to do the scanner this time, haha! The only thing that really bothered me about our registry there was that anytime that you scanned something, you had to walk towards the back of the store so that the scanner could pick it up. Apparently their sensor was in the back of the store and in the stock room, so it was kind of a pain, but we made do. 

Once we were done there, we were supposed to go to the Lego store to get a gift card for my cousin for his Birthday and also so that Aran could look around a little bit. Well, I managed to make one stop before that for me, the Coach store! Long story short, when I graduated from College my Aunt and Uncle bought me a Coach purse. I ended up returning it because it was white and well, I don't do well with white. I ended up getting this adorable pink Poppy purse that I loved. Well within a few months of having it, the fabric started fraying and it looked terrible. I took it back and exchanged it for a similar one that was black. I loved this purse even more than the pink one. Well, I had had that one for about a year and during that year, it did the exact same thing. And I really took care of these purses too. They didn't go on the floor, they were either hanging up or sitting on a clean surface. So, I took that purse back in after having it for a little over a year and again the people were like okay, we will exchange it, just pick out a new one that you want! YES!!!! So I picked out this beautiful purse...

I'm in love!!

After that we did finally go to the Lego store where Aran tried to convince me that $400 for a Lego set that had over 5000 pieces and ended up being around four feet long when assembled was a great deal. This was his selling point, "That is like $100 per foot, that is a great deal!" Sorry honey, but I don't by that for a second, haha! After what seemed like an eternity in the Lego store(it was probably only about 15 minutes), we finally were done at Park Meadows and heading back to Aran's parents house for dinner.

Sunday we went to my Uncles and watched some football and celebrated my cousin's birthday. We were supposed to have an appointment with a potential DJ at 4:30 but decided to reschedule that for a time that Aran's dad could come. So we spent most of the day at my Uncles and just hanging out with the family. It was a much needed break from the craziness that had gone on the rest of the weekend. 

So that was our weekend in a nutshell. We got quite a few things done. I hope that everyone had a great weekend.  What did you guys do this weekend? Anything fun and exciting?



  1. Love that bag! And adore the cake!

  2. wow! you got so much done..LOVE LOVE that cake, so adorable! and your flavors sound amaaaazing


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