Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Weekend Recap

Oh Monday, I am not very happy to see you today. Especially after having five days off. Oh well, time to earn that paycheck.

Our Holiday weekend(which started last Wednesday) was awesome! The Hubby and I were incredibly productive around the house and had a great time spending time with our families.

On Wednesday I went out to lunch with my SIL, my Nieces and My little Sister. We did a little bit of shopping as well. After that I went home and the Hubby and I cleaned out our garage. It was absolutely gorgeous out here and we took full advantage of it. Once we were done with the garage, I headed upstairs to my office/craft room and got to work on getting it all unpacked and cleaned. Yes, I know, we have been in our house since July and we are still not completely unpacked. 

Well, that was until Wednesday anyway! It is finally clean and everything is put away and it is just waiting for a spare bed to go in there so that we have an official guest room.

Thursday we got up and headed up to the Hubby's parents house. We got up there around 10 and then headed out to have Aran's Dad take some pictures for us for our Christmas cards. And thanks to K from Down at Fraggle Rock, I won $50 towards my purchase on Tiny Prints. So we picked out a card that we liked and inserted the picture and they are now on there way to our house. I am so excited to see them!  Thanks again K!!

After the picture taking, we sat down for Dinner around 4ish. I decided this year not to stuff myself, so I really watched my portions and this was seriously the best thing I ever did. Not only was I not full, but I actually had room for dessert! We made this really yummy apple tart out of fillo dough and oh my gosh were they freaking delicious!

After Dinner we watched the Patriots embarrass the Jets and then decided to stay for the night. I think I went to bed around 10. I was so tired from all of the food and fun. 

On Friday we got up and then headed home so that we could get some more stuff done around the house. We went to Lowe's and bought some Christmas lights for the house. And we did a little bit around the house, but we actually ended up being pretty lazy on Friday. Which was nice. 

Saturday however was go go go! I got up first thing and started cleaning our kitchen up. It was a disaster and I couldn't take it anymore. It is spotless now and I will kill the person who doesn't clean up after themselves. You have been warned! We also cleaned up the rest of the house and started hanging our outside Christmas lights.

Once we were done with that we headed Downtown to some of our favorite shops to support them for Small Business Saturday. We went to Savory Spice Shoppe for some freshly ground spices and rubs. And then we went to this place called PB & Jellies. They have all these different kinds of Peanut Butter that they can themselves. We bought original, white chocolate and cookies & cream. They were delicious!

We also stopped in to see my friend Jason at his work. Jason just moved to town and I haven't had a chance to see him yet, so I am glad that we stopped in because he was just getting off work so we all decided to go to dinner at Old C's. It was great getting to see him and catch up on everything that has been going on. 

Sunday I spent a good part of the day at my Brothers house playing with my Nieces while they got their Christmas tree put up. After that I went home and pulled out the rest of our Christmas decorations and started the Christmification process! I am not completely done yet, but I am pretty close. I will share some pics with you guys when I am done. 

And that was my five day weekend! I am so bummed that it is over, but I am so happy that we got as much done as we did. I can't wait til next weekend though because we are going to pick out our Christmas tree! I finally won the battle of the real or fake Christmas tree for this year. Real it is!!!! Muahahahaha! 

I hope that you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and enjoyed some time off! 



  1. I'm so sad the time off is over too. WAAAAAHHH!!! I'm glad you had a great long weekend though. And SOOOO glad that you ordered your cards!

  2. pretty stoked for my christmas card!!! :) miss you so much ...hoidays just arent the same with out you!

  3. Your Christmas card is adorable! Glad you had a good long weekend, and yay for small biz Saturday! :)

  4. sounds like such a great thanksgiving! You got a ton accomplished and I def. agree with you about watching portion sizes on thanksgiving. I did the same thing and I didn't feel stuffed or sick like I usually do!

    ps love the christmas card!!!


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