Friday, November 9, 2012

Honeymoon Day 5

On Day 5, which was a Tuesday if anyone is wondering, we headed back to Magic Kingdom. And in honor of meeting Mickey and Minni Mouse, I wore my hair in an actual bow! Haha! This time around, we went to actually go see Magic Kingdom and not just the fireworks. I was just as excited the second day as I was the first day. Especially seeing the castle again! And I absolutely loved the atmosphere in Magic Kingdom. I loved how Main Street felt like you stepped back into time!

Our first stop once we were inside the park was to meet Mickey and Minnie. Unfortunately we didn't get to meet Minnie, but we did get to meet Mickey. I don't have any pictures though because we didn't get any on my camera, only on our photo pass and the disc isn't here yet. I will post a bunch of those when we get them. Meeting Mickey was fun! I loved that he was dressed up like a Magician!

After meeting Mickey, we headed over to go meet the Disney Princesses!!! We had gotten a fastpass earlier in the day for this so that we wouldn't have to wait as long. I was kind of bummed to find out though that they only had a couple of the Princesses there. But the only one that mattered to me was going to be there, and that was Cinderella, so I was happy that I would at least get to meet her! We also go to meet Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty(again!) Rapunzel was fascinated with the my hair. It was kind of cool to see them interact so much with everyone that they met. We also stood in line to meet Tinkerbell and her sister Perriwinkle!

And of course, I took more pictures of the castle and we even got a really great picture of us in front of the castle!

While we were there we also got to go into the new Fantasyland. Technically it wasn't even officially open yet. But they were doing a dress rehearsal that day so they had it open for everyone to go in and test out all the new rides and attractions. Some of the new things in Fantasyland were a new Little Mermaid Ride, Gaston's Tavern and Story time with Belle! We went on the Little Mermaid ride and did the Story time with Belle, in which the Hubby was actually one of the people picked out of the crowd to participate in the story telling! And of course we went into Gaston's Tavern, where we ordered LeFou's Brew! It was some sort of frozen apple cider with a whipped topping on it and holy crap was it good!

One of the other new things in Fantasyland is Beast's Castle! In Beast's Castle is the Be Our Guest restaurant where you will get to have dinner with Belle and the Beast inside the Castle!! Unfortunately this wasn't open yet so we couldn't go inside, but we took some pictures of the outside. It was really cool to see another castle from one of my other favorite Disney movies!

We also watched the Dream-Along with Mickey show. I know this show was geared more towards little kids, but it was still fun to watch because of all of the characters in it. Most of the Princesses were in it and their Prince Charmings. And of course Mickey and Minnie were there. And Goofy and Donald. But the characters I wasn't expecting to see that were in it were Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook and Shmee! And Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty was in it as well. It was a fun show and once again, I loved seeing all of the characters. There is something about seeing them in real life that just makes them that much cooler!

We didn't do a whole lot of rides while we were there mainly because most of them were geared more towards the kids. And we liked just walking around and looking at everything. I think for me this park was more about atmosphere than anything else. The few rides that we did do though were a lot of fun. We went on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which was a roller coaster. We also did the Pirates of the Carribean ride. That one was a very slow moving water ride. It was nice for the mere fact that it allowed us to get off of our feet. We also rode the train that goes around the entire park. Again, this one allowed us to get off of our feet and we got to see a lot of the park that we hadn't yet. We also went to the Monsters Inc. Laugh floor. The little show that they do is hilarious. I definitely recommend that one especially if you are looking for a good laugh. 

Our last day at Disney was probably by far one of my favorites. I absolutely loved the Magic Kingdom. I loved the atmosphere and I loved how magical it really did feel. I can see why kids love going there. 

I have so many great memories from Disney World that I will get to keep with me for the rest of my life. And I can't wait to go back and experience it all over again. And someday down the road, I can't wait to take my kids and hopefully my Nieces there so that they can experience the magic of this place. It truly is magical and something that everyone should experience at least once in their life!



  1. I want to be a Disney Princess! WAAAAH! Haha. Love your hair, so cute!

  2. How cool, love beauty and the beast! And such great pics with all the characters, when I was at Tokyo Disney, we didn't see hardly any :\. And major <3 to your bow hair-do, that is awesome!


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