Tuesday, November 27, 2012

To Theme Or Not To Theme

With the Hubby and I going to pick out our Christmas Tree this upcoming weekend, I want to know how you guys decorate your trees. 

Do you guys go the theme route and decorate your trees in a certain theme or color scheme?


Or do you go the more traditional route and do your own thing with a bunch of different ornaments and colors? 

I have always gone the more traditional route, but I am contemplating going towards a theme or a color scheme. So I want to hear from you guys! What do you usually do?



  1. Growing up, our tree was always a host of different ornaments collected over the years. Now that I decorate my own tree, it's a color theme every year. This year is silver and pink. I've also done red and gold and blue and silver.

  2. I always have the traditional tree with all the ornaments I have collected from traveling and stuff, but if my place were bigger I'd do a theme tree too. Those gold trees are really pretty though...tough call!

  3. We definitely go the traditional route. Though if I put up more than one tree, maybe I'd do that tree as a themed tree?? I'd like to try it one year, but I'd miss our regular ornaments!

  4. We have two trees! One formal "themed" tree of blue and silver and the other is what we call our "memory" tree. The memory tree has the ornaments that we got on trips and as gifts that mean something to us. xo

  5. We totally do a themed tree...but mainly because we just haven't acquired enough ornaments to do the other one. I'm sure eventually we'll have a small kids tree for that and one large themed one for us. :)


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