Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 1 of Workouts

Yesterday was day 1 of working out at the gym. I am working out on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays at the gym and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I am walking with a friend. Well, the gym kicked my butt yesterday, for sure.

The gym that we signed up for allows for us to bring a guest every time that we work out. So of course, Lacey went with me and I am glad that she did because she helps push me when I don't want to do anymore. We started out by running a mile on the elypticals and then we moved to the rowing machines. I have to say that I have found my new favorite piece of workout equipment in the rowing machines. It is such a great workout and you are using more than just one part of your body. I will definitely be using those more often. We also did some things on the balance balls. We tried remembering some of the exercises that they had us doing in our torture workouts during cheer practice, so we tried a few of those and those hurt like no one's business.

We decided to move onto our abs after the torture exercise. We were trying to decide what ab exercises to do and Lacey suggested the Britney Spears Abs. I had never heard of these, but I figured that at one point Britney Spears had some killer abs so it must have done something for her. So we tried them and oh my freaking gosh did they hurt. Overall it has you doing 140 crunches by the time that you are done. Ouch! We decided that we were done after that though. We were definitely tired and were ready to head home. On our way out though Lacey spotted this pull up machine that she had been talking about earlier. She got on it to show us and then Aran tried it and then they had me try it. My arms are so short that I could barely reach the bars and once I did, I couldn't pull myself up. The machine is made to be able to help you do the pull ups, but for me being as short as I am, I couldn't even do it, haha! I hate being short sometimes.

Overall, it felt like a great workout and then I got out of bed this morning. I hurt all over the place. My arms hurt, my neck hurts, my legs hurt, my abs hurt, EVERYTHING hurts! I guess that is a good indicator that we actually got a good workout, but I hate being sore. I hate not being able to move very well. And sitting at a desk all day doesn't help with the soreness. Oh well, maybe my walk tonight will loosen me up a little.

If you guys have any suggestions for some great workout ideas, please leave them in the comment section below. I am always looking for new things to do. Hope everyone is have a great Tuesday so far.

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