Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane Part Dos of the Saga

Today is part dos of the three day link up that Lou over at Guinn and Bare It is hosting. Todays trip down memory lane includes stories from High School and College.

Now High School for me pretty much sucked so I don't have a whole lot of memories to share but I think some of my  favorite memories from High School are when I won Prom Queen my senior year(never thought that would happen), my senior trip to Hawaii, being on the cheer squad, and of course the best one, Graduating from that hell hole that they call High School, haha! Can you tell that I hated High School? Maybe just a little?  

Instead of writing a ton about my High School memories, I figured the pictures would sum it up better, haha! It's like a picture book, you don't have to read!

 Prom and me as Prom Queen

Senior Trip to Hawaii 

The Beach in Hawaii
 Pearl Harbor


Now onto College. Now this time in my life was a completley different experience, but it was probably the most fun I have ever had. So many things happened when I was in college. Again I will sum this time up in pictures, and prepare yourself because there are a lot!

 In college I met two of my best friends ever while cheerleading

I went camping with a few of my freshman buddies, it was a blast 
 I hung out with my friends while at home for my first summer and met the love of my life <3
 I cheered a little bit more

 I celebrated my 21st Birthday with some of my best friends and made great memories at the last Homecoming game
 Lacey and I learned how to shoot guns and we carved some amazing pumpkins
 Celebrated Lacey's birthday in Wayne's World fashion
 Graduated from college along side a few of my best friends
 And had two of the cutest additions to my family, my nieces. I can't even imagine my life without them.

I hope that you enjoyed my memories from High School and College. Dont' forget to join in on the fun and link your page up here.


  1. The ending was the bestest. Haha :)

  2. ahahha ur post is was better than mine...sounds like my life to maybe a few different pictures! hahah i almost used the sleepover picture in mine !!!!P.S i hate the judicial courtt..damn you jury duty

  3. I liked the ending too! I'm sorry about the jury duty. And I love the sleepover pic of us. Haha!


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