Monday, April 4, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Hello everyone! My amazing friend Lou over at Guinn and Bare It is doing a series of link ups called "A Trip Down Memory Lane." The first one is for the years of Middle School and younger. If you would like to join in and share your memories, please go to her page and link up.

When thinking about which memories to share of this time in my life, it was really difficult to just choose one, so I am choosing a few to share with you. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures because I have no idea where any of them may be. I'm going to start with a few really funny memories that I have from Middle School. I had the coolest friends when I was in Middle School. They were all guys of course, but thats because I didn't really get along with the girls that well. Anyways, my guy friends were always getting into something and it was always really fun to watch. One day while we were bored out of our minds in science class, my friend Jason dared my friend Travis to stick his finger in this whole that had been worn into the table. Jason said that if Travis did it he would give him a code book for a Playstation game. Travis being who he was, was all for it and he stuck his finger into the hole in the middle of the table without even thinking.

Well, much to everyone's surprise, when Travis went to take his finger out of the hole, it was stuck. Travis started panicking while the rest of us sat around laughing at him because it was so freaking funny to see this kid with his finger stuck in the table. He tried and tried and tried to get his finger out but he wasn't able too. At this point we finally said something to our teacher, Mr. Mac. He came over and when he realized what had happend, he went to get some help. Our maintenance staff came in with some soap and things like that to get his finger out, but even that didn't work. All this time, we are still laughing hysterically and at this point Travis is even laughing. Nothing was working so the maintenance guys ended up having to cut the table in half to get his finger out. We were all gone by this point because we had to go to our next class.

Travis showed up to our next class beaming from ear to ear because he was so proud that they had to cut his finger out of this table. This is one of my funniest and favorite memories to think about because it always makes me laugh.

My Grandpa Don
Another memory from this time in my life that is very close with me now is the times that I used to spend with my Grandparents. We spent a lot of time together during the summers. They would take me to baseball practices every day. They would take us swimming and to the Farmers Market. Everytime that we would go to the Farmer's Market, Grandma and Grandpa would always buy me and my brother honey sticks. We loved picking out which flavors we wanted. While we did that, Grandma was picking out cantaloupe and Grandpa would be busy buying his roasted peppers. It was the same thing everytime that we went and that is what I loved about it.

Me and Grandma Shirley
 at my College
Graduation last May
Every now and then, Grandma would take me to Bingo. I loved going to Bingo with Grandma. It gave us a chance to spend time together and I actually got to play when I turned 12. I loved watching her play all 6 or 7 of her cards. Everytime that we went she would tell me that if I won anything over $50 that we would split it since she was the one that bought my cards, but if it was under $50 I got to keep all of it. In all the years that I went with her, I won one time and I won a whopping $25. But seeing how excited she was for me was the coolest part. Even though she didn't win, she was excited that I finally got my first bingo.

My Grandparents were such neat people and now looking back after losing both of them, I am glad that I have the memories that I do have of them and the time that we spent together. I miss them more than anything and I would give anything to be able to go back and re-live a few of my memories with them.

I hope that you guys have enjoyed a few memories of my childhood. Don't forget, if you would like to join in on this trip down memory lane, you can go to Lou's page at Guinn and Bare It and link up so that you can share your stories with everyone else.

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