Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wee Bit of Me Wednesday

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{one} have you ever been stuck in an elevator?
No, and I am thankful for that. I have a feeling that I would have a panic attack.

{two} have you ever ridden on an elephant?
No, but I think it would be really fun and scary at the same time.

{three} have you ever met a well known celebrity?
Yes, I have. I have met three country music stars. Joe Nichols, Justin Moore and Chuck Wicks. I love my job for that reason!

{four} do you have any food allergies?
Nope, and I am very thankful for that too!

{five} do you know how to sew?
Yes and no. I know how to do the basics, but anything beyond that, I am lost.

{six} did you get an allowance when you were young?
Yeah, like $20 a month for doing the dishes and picking up.

{seven} how often do you fill up your gas tank?
About every two weeks depending on my activities

{eight} have you ever been stung by a jelly fish?

{nine} have you ever been robbed?
Yes, my house was broken into when I was five and they stole a lot of our electronics and some of our Christmas gifts that were under our tree. What horrible people!

{ten} what is the worst haircut you’ve ever had?
Oh my gosh, when I was a Junior in High School. I let my then boyfriend's sister cut and die my hair because she had gone through cosmetology school. Let's just say that I cried for a few days because it was so short and thin and the highlights looked horrible. Never again!

Here are pictures of me and the celebrities that I have met. Enjoy!

Me and Chuck Wicks

Me with Joe Nichols

I can't seem to find the one with Justin Moore, but if I do, I will make sure to put it up here! Have a good day everyone!


  1. You need to find somwhere to ride an elephant - it's awesome! :)

  2. So awesome that you got to meet Chuck Wicks and Joe Nichols! I would love your job for that reason! And how scary that someone broke into your house - especially around Christmas! Don't people have better things to do?!


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