Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend and The Start of a New Program

First, I want to apologize AGAIN for being such a horrible blogger. I have not been blogging as much as I should so I wanted to say sorry! It has been pretty crazy around here lately. With Easter and all of the church things that I have had to attend, my time has gone out the window. Not only that, but we have been hitting the gym 3 days a week and I have been walking two afternoons a week with a really good friend of mine so like I said, my time is being consumed, but I am going to try and keep up a little bit better. On a great note, it is somewhat raining here today. I wish it would rain all day, everyday. Well, not every day, but I wish it would rain more here. It has been really dry and my skin does NOT like it at all.

These past few weeks have been crazy and jam packed so I figured I would give you some updates on things that are going on. This past week was Holy Week, so we had to attend church on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Thursday and Friday's masses were each at least two hours long and didn't start until seven, so by the time that we were done, we were wiped out. 

Saturday morning I went to my brother and my sister-in-law's to decorate eggs with my  nieces. I thought that process would take longer considering that we had three cartons of 18 eggs each. But with a four year old and an almost three year old, it takes about 20 minutes. They aren't as fascinated with how pretty they can be if you take time to decorate them. They just kept dropping eggs in the colors and were very satisfied with that, haha! 

We had to go up to Aran's parents house on Saturday night for church, since that is where the church that we have been doing our classes through is at. One of my besties, Lacey came with us, so I was pretty excited. Now Saturday's mass which they call the Easter Vigil mass started at 9 pm and was three hours long. Yep, I said three hours! It was pretty cool though. It was the first one that I had ever been to and they start the mass in total darkness. Upon entering the church, they were passing out candles so as the mass started, each person's candle was lit and eventually the entire was church was lit by everyone's candles. It was pretty cool to see the light start in the back and come forward the way that it did. 

Easter was pretty great too! We didn't have to go to church since we had gone the night before, so we were able to sleep in! Yay! And I did just that. I slept in until about 10, which is sleeping in for me. We woke up and decorated more eggs! Then we had an amazing brunch with this family. We had home made polish sausage, pierogies, a blueberry egg bake, Canadian bacon, eggs, grilled pineapple and a fruit salad. We also had strawberries and champagne with out brunch too. It was so delicious but I was so full by the time that we were done that I was ready for a nap. 

We left Aran's parents house a little after noon and then we had to stop at my Uncles to pick some pictures up and then we headed home so that we could go to my brothers for Easter dinner. When we got to my brothers there were so many people there. I believe there were 16 in all. That is a lot, especially considering that six of them were kids. They were running around and screaming. It was madness I tell you! But we had another big meal there as well. There was ham and turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, tons of chips and dips, rolls, stuffing, you name it we probably had it. And again I felt so full after eating. I thought I was going to explode. 

Luckily, Aran and I had bought my nieces the Just Dance Kids game for the Wii so Lacey and I decided to do a few of the songs so that we could work off some of the food that we just ate. It was pretty funny and I am not going to lie, some of those dance moves were super hard to do! We stuck around for a little bit longer after everyone else left and we did a couple more Easter egg hunts with my nieces. They are way too freaking smart for their own good. They were finding all of them and they kept asking us to hide them in harder places. Apparently we were making it way too easy for them, haha! Overall, it was a great day with great family and friends and amazing food!! I hope that everyone else had an amazing Easter as well!

Well today is Monday, which I am sure that most of you were aware of when that alarm clock went off this morning, I know I was, but that means some new things for me are about to start. I started the Bodybugg program today. So far it is going really well. I have it set for me to lose 30 lbs by  losing 1 lb a week. I don't want to lose too much weight before my wedding, or my wedding dress is going to be so big that we will have to get it altered and that cost $$$$. No thank you! So I am going to try and start by losing the 30 lbs and then maintaining that weight until the wedding. That would put me under 200 lbs, so I think it is a great way to start and not have to push myself so hard that I get stressed out. The only thing that I am worried about right now is that I feel like the amount of calories that I am supposed to consume each day is really high! It is set at 2450 calories a day, but I am supposed to burn 2950 calories a day, so I am not sure how this works yet. Has anyone else used it yet? Is that right? I hope it is. 

Well, I guess this is enough babbling for one post. Again, I promise to try and post more. Thanks so much for everyone who has been reading, and I also want to say hello to my new followers. Thanks guys! Hope everyone has as good of a Monday as possible!

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  1. Hey meg, first off: move here, it rains all the time. Second, the calories are right if they add up to a 3500 calorie deficit at the end of the week. You don't have to eat all the calories. You just want to make sure you hit a high enough burn that the difference between the calories you eat and the calories you burn is the same as the way they have the calories set up. So you want to have burned 500 more calories than you eat each day. That makes it easier. Also, check out the nutrition section of the program, it tells you a lot about what you eat. I am starting my bugg tomorrow. Let's keep each other posted. Love ya!


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