Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Personal Trainer and A Week of Frustration

First, I want to tell everyone the good news. Aran and I decided to sign up for a personal trainer. They gave us a killer deal and it was something that we could both afford so we jumped on it. We have our first session tomorrow with our trainer whose name is Sandy. And apparently this guy is pretty legit. He used to work in L.A. with tons of celebrities. They dropped names like Beyonce and Ja Rule yesterday when they were telling us about him. I don't know that this is completely true, but I did look the guy up today and he is pretty well known. Crazy right?!! We will each get two sessions a month with this guy and we will also be sent four workouts a month for us to do when we are not with them. It is an awesome deal and I am really hoping that I will start to see some results.

Now onto my week of frustration, or shall I say WEEKS. I was put in charge of doing our 1099's for the company this year. Well, I have only been at this job since August and the accounting program that we use has never been used to create the 1099's. The lady that used to do it no longer works here and she apparently used a different program to do this. Well, we have had nothing but problems with it since we started trying to do this. We eventually figured it out and sent them off to the recipients and the IRS. Well about two weeks ago I came into work to find out that the IRS did not accept the ones that we sent them because they were not scan-able.  So we went to trying to create an electronic file that we could upload to their website. Well, needless to say, that isn't working either. They have been working on it for two weeks now and thought they had finally figured. They did the update and whatever else they were supposed to do to fix this problem. Or so we thought.

Every time I run the program to create the files, it does something different and messes something else up. I am getting really frustrated and pissed off. My head hurts so bad today from having to think about what I could be doing wrong. I don't think that it is me. I think it is this crappy ass system that we have. We are constantly having problems with it and I think it creates more problems than it is worth. What a pain in the ass. Sorry that I am ranting, but I have been dealing with this for two weeks and nothing that we do seems to be working.

Well, that is all that I am going to say about that. I hope that you guys are having a better week at work than I am. Thanks for reading my rants!


  1. Sometimes we have to rant. It just makes us feel better. A personal trainer....jelous! Well I am glad that you are may have to share some secrets!

  2. Nikki Lou, if I learn any secrets, no worries, I will share. Hope you are doing well! Miss you!


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