Wednesday, May 4, 2011

American Idol Night!

My favorite night of the week has to be American Idol night. For those of you that don't watch it, that means it is Wednesday, haha! I have been watching this show for years now. I think the first season that I really watched was the season with Carrie Underwood. It had me hooked from there. I haven't been able to quit watching since then.

With that being said, this season has been A-MAZ-ING!!!!!! The talent is so awesome that it is so hard to figure out who will go home from week to week. I love the new judging panel as well. There were so many people that said that they would no longer watch American Idol after Simon left, but honestly, who cares!! I loved Simon and often found myself siding with him, but the show isn't about him, it is about the talent and finding the next big thing or in this years case, the next big thingS!!!

Over the course of the season there have been two contestants that I have loved since they first opened their mouths and sang for us on the audition shows. Those two would be Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina. They are both so talented and I grow to love them more and more each week that they continue to be on the show. I love country music too so this is like a double win for me already, haha! I am keeping my fingers crossed and voting like a mad women for both of them each week because I honestly believe that they deserve to be in the finale together. The only other person that I believe should be in there with them would be James Durbin. I mean Jacob is great and has a beautiful voice, but I don't see him as an American Idol. And Haley, well, she has a great voice, but it doesn't do anything for me. She is just to inconsistent for me.

Well, show is over. I need to get to work voting. Fingers crossed that my faves are still here next week!! Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

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