Monday, May 16, 2011

Where Is The Motivation?

Where is the motivation? Because recently, I have had none. I have been having such a hard time getting motivated to workout. I know that my wedding should be motivating me, but it isn't. I think it is because it is so far away it seems. I mean really it is only 8 and a half months away, but it feels like it is never going to get here.

I have been doing really well with not eating things that I shouldn't, but the working out part is a little bit harder. Even with the trainer, I haven't been doing very well getting to the gym. He was supposed to call me last week so that we could figure out which days to meet because I was out of town on Thursday and Friday, but of course, I didn't hear a thing from him. I know that I could have called, but I was so stressed with everything that had to be done before I had to leave for Kansas, that I forgot to call him. Hopefully I hear from him soon, if not, I am going to have to call him and figure this out I guess. I have already moved a lot around for this because he told me that he is only at the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Well, I was already busy on those days, but was able to switch so that I would be available to meet with him. I hope that all of this works itself out, because I am becoming very frustrated with all of it.

What do you guys do for motivation to keep working out? And what are some of the things that you do when you go to the gym? I am always looking for new things to include in my workout. Well, back to work I guess. Happy Monday!


  1. Staying motivated is difficult! I have photos on my fridge of what I want to look like and if I have one bad day I move on and do even better the next. Eventually staying healthy and working out become virtually effortless.

  2. Haha, worst motivation that I do to myself is I call myself a loser and lazy if I don't. I feel if I don't keep myself doing things that I should be doing that I'm failing. But also, I look at pictures and clothes that I want that I don't want in plus size, I want to be nice again. So that is motivation. Also Brent and my mom are great about it, they keep telling me that I look different! You can do it girl, you just have to be extra hard on yourself, because it is only you that will push you to your fullest. Haha :) ♥ ya


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