Friday, May 27, 2011

More Good News and a Graduation

Happy Friday everyone!

The day Kelsi was born
I have more awesome news to share with everyone. My almost three year old niece was also accepted to Preschool. Yay! Both of my nieces, who are sisters were accepted this past week and they will be starting school on August 15th and they will be in different classes. The oldest niece MaKenzi is very excited, but Kelsi is not, haha! That is Kelsi's personality though. I think she will eventually come around to love it. I still can't believe how big they have gotten. I remember the day Kelsi was born because I actually got to be here for that one. My sister-in-law actually let me be in the delivery room too. It was one of the coolest/grossest things I have ever seen in my life. I just remember crying after she was born. It was a very cool feeling. She has grown into a feisty little thing, but that is why we lover her. She is so freaking adorable and I am so excited for her!

MaKenzi meeting Kelsi for the first time
She is giving her a kiss
As mentioned before, my little sister graduates from High School this Saturday. This makes me feel very old because I realized the other day that it was five years ago this weekend that I graduated from High School and it feels like it was just yesterday that I was sitting there waiting for them to tell me I no longer had to exist in those hallways. Graduation for me was not sad, it was a celebration. I was so happy to get out of High School and away from all of the drama that it was more like a good riddance moment for me. My sister however, I think it is going to be a different story. She loves her friends and basketball and I have a feeling that she is going to miss High School a lot. At the same time though, I am excited for her to get out of there and see what else the world has to offer. I will probably cry tomorrow. I better remember to bring some tissues. I am so proud of her and sometimes I don't think she realizes that, but I am. She is such a beautiful and strong person and even though we hated each other growing up, I love her more than anything now. Congrats Rachelle! I love you tons not so little, little sister!
Her first Birthday

In other news, I wanted to mention to everyone that this is my 89th post and when I reach my 100th post, I am planning on doing a giveaway, so everyone be prepared. I am still working on what I will put into that giveaway, but I think it might have some delicious treats and maybe a few other really cute things. I hope that everyone has an amazing Memorial Day weekend. I know that I will begin enjoying mine today at noon when I leave work for the weekend and I have Monday off too! Let the happy dance begin!

Enjoy some more pictures of my niece Kelsi throughout the last three years of her life!

Yummm! Birthday cake!

Getting ready to go swimming
Me and Kelsi at my graduation
I told you she was feisty

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