Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feeling Helpless

I feel so helpless. All of these horrible things are going on in our country and I can't really do anything to help. I can donate money, but I feel like that isn't enough. People are hurting and mourning, and here I am, not able to do anything. Every time I turn on the news, a new story about someone that is missing after the tornado ripped through Joplin and every time my heart breaks a little bit more. I have been following three in particular. An 18 year old boy named Will Norton, who I wrote about a few days ago. A 16 year old named Lantz Hare who was found and identified today at one of the morgues and than a 16 month old little boy named Skyular who was also found and identified today at one of the morgues that is handling the tornado victims.

I don't even know any of these people and I found myself crying when I heard the news about each of them. It is just so heartbreaking to hear of all of the lives lost and how almost everyone has lost something. Whether it be their home, a family member, a friend, a pet or whatever else, everybody is mourning. It is so sad. I have been saying a prayer for all of those affected every time I think about it. These massive outbreaks have had me appreciating those that chase storms more and more each time. Most of them really are out there researching how tornadoes work and are doing everything that they can to get information that will hopefully save lives. Now I don't know if we will ever be able to prevent things like this from happening because tornadoes are so unpredictable, but if they can figure out ways to advance the warning systems, that would be amazing.

All of these horrible things have really opened up my eyes. It has made me realize that I need to live my life without fear because at any time, something could happen and it could be our time. It has also made me realize that not matter how big or small a warning for something like this is, it should always be taken seriously. I hope that others have taken that from these horrible tragedies as well.

I'm sorry for having such soppy and sad posts lately. Hopefully I will have something more cheerful for you guys next time. May all those that lost their lives rest in peace and may the families of those gone be comforted with God's peace.

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