Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Candy Buffet: The Favor Box

Months and months ago, I told you guys about our Candy Buffet and what we were thinking and wanting to do with it. We started by deciding what we wanted to use for our guests to put their candy in i.e. a box or a bag. 

We had originally purchased these small cardboard triangular boxes from Michael's that were in the clearance section. They were the perfect colors and everything. One problem though, they would only be able to hold two or three pieces of candy, so they wouldn't have been very efficient for what we were wanting them to do. 
So after searching the internet for a few days, I found these adorable miniature popcorn boxes from Oriental Trading Company. Not only were they very affordable, but they were the perfect size.

A few of them once we received them

I figured they offered a little bit more room for customization too! So the creative wheels started turning for what I could do to these boxes to give them that personal touch that I really wanted them to have. I wanted to put some sort of decal on the boxes that had our names and maybe a cute saying and the date of our wedding. I figured the easiest way to do something like this would be a stamp, especially since I would have to make quite a few of them. So of course, I turned to Etsy to find the stamp I wanted.

After some searching I found a very cute rubber stamp that had everything on it that I wanted. And it was very affordable. 


I found this stamp from the Etsy seller stampoutonline who specialize in custom stamps. They were very easy and quick to work with. I placed my order and once I approved the proof, I had it within a week. And the stamp was great! It worked exactly for what I needed. If you are at all interested in using a custom stamp, check them out because they have a great selection of different stamps and are great people to work with. AND they are offering my readers free shipping on your purchase when you use the coupon code ILOVESTAMPOUT so definitely go check them out for all of your custom stamping needs!

Once I had the stamp in hand, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought brown and cream shimmery paper to cut circles out of. I cut the brown circle a little bit larger than the cream circle so that I could layer them. I used a circle cutter to cut all of these out. This was a serious life saver. It made this task a lot easier and a lot quicker.

Once I had all of those circles cut out, I took the custom stamp and an embossing pad and stamped the cream circles. Once I had one stamped, I would sprinkle brown embossing powder over the stamped area and then take an embossing gun to it so that it would raise the embossing powder. This is what it looked like once I had that done.

Once I had all of the smaller cream circles stamped and embossed, I affixed them to the center of the brown circles. Once those were done, I affixed them to the pink popcorn boxes along with a teal bow and voila!! They were done! 

These boxes turned out so cute and so amazing! We had so many compliments on the boxes. Everyone loved the personal touches that we put on them. And they worked perfectly for what we wanted them for. If you loved these boxes, make sure to come back on Friday. I will be doing the second half of this post on how the rest of the candy buffet turned out and you will be able to see how these looked on the table with everything else.  


  1. Those are adorable! That sounds like a lot of work but the end result was worth it. Love it!

  2. OMG! I LOVE that! So wish we could do a candy buffet! They came out awesome!

  3. those. are.amazing. I'm pinning these at once!!


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