Thursday, June 21, 2012

Under Contract

I have some AMAZING news to share with all of you! Most of you know that we have been looking for a house to buy. As of the other day we had officially looked at 19 houses. We had already made offers on two and they weren't accepted. Well, the 18th house that we looked at we absolutely loved!!!!! It has so many great things about it and we just fell in love with it. So we put in a really strong offer on it!

Almost 24 hours later and a lot of nervousness on our part we got a phone call from our Realtor telling us that they accepted our offer!! EEEEEKKKKK!!!!!! We are officially under contract!! And we could not be more excited!

The front of the house!!!!! It is perfect!!
Photo taken from listing on

There is still quite a bit to do as far as the process goes, but if everything goes well, we could be closing as early as mid July! Until then though, we are still in our apartment and actually have to be out of it by July 12th when our lease is up so we are going to be moving twice AGAIN this summer, but it will be worth it since we will be moving into our own place and won't be moving for hopefully a very long time! Luckily my Brother is pretty awesome and is letting us stay with him in their vacant basement for a few weeks until the house is ready for us. Thanks big bro!!! 

Well that is all that I have for you guys for tonight. Hope everyone is having a great week and is looking forward to their weekend! Thanks for all of the insight on the house buying process too! It was greatly appreciated.



  1. That's SO EXCITING!!! Crossing my fingers for you that everything works out! AND I'm SO JEALOUS that you are going to be done with apartment living!!!

  2. I wish you luck! The first house we made an offer on didn't work out. I hope you have better luck than we did!

  3. Congrats!! That is awesome!!


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