Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Commenting Challenge: Day 3

Today is day 3 of Jenna's commenting challenge. I have quite a bit of down time today so I figured I would post on the topic today even though I have already done two posts for today.

Today's topic is social media and which ones you use for your blog. I use Facebook and Twitter for outlets for my blog. I have an actual Facebook page that I have created specifically for this blog and I use my own personal Twitter account as another outlet for the blog as well.

I think having other ways for bloggers to contact you is great and especially with Twitter, it makes it very easy to talk with someone. You can find my Facebook page here and you can find my personal Twitter account here. I also use Pinterest, but that is more for my own personal use than for my blog. It really is just an outlet for me to waist a TON of time, haha!

Today's topic also included a question about what websites you visit on a daily basis. I have quite a few that I visit on a daily basis. They include Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, TMZ and E! Online. I also look at ESPN a lot especially the NFL page, I mean Fantasy Football is right around the corner and I need to start looking at what is best for my team this year :)

That's pretty much all I have for today. We have a lot going on here that is really taking my mind elsewhere so sorry that it isn't very long. If you are wanting to know what is going on, you can read about it here. I hope everyone is doing well though and I will keep you updated on the craziness going on here as best as I can.



  1. Stopping by from Jenna's! I think it's neat you are into Fantasy Football. We watch lots of the games, but I've never made a team. I think my work does a league (I just started here a few months ago) so I'll have to start doing my research for my team too!

  2. Stopping by from Jenna's! Love your blog, can't wait to read more!

  3. I am really enjoying this challenge. I must admit that I don't know if I comment on 10 blogs daily as I kind of get lost along the way and lose track of how many blogs I have visited

  4. I'm hit and miss with twitter, but I am completely addicted to Pinterest!


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