Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Belated Weekend Recap

Hey guys! Sorry that this recap is a day late. I have been super lazy about writing my blog posts at home and with work being crazy, I didn't have a chance to do it at work yesterday. Sorry about that. I have a plan on how to get back on track with blogging, but I will share more on that subject later this week. 

Onto my weekend recap. This weekend was once again jam packed. Friday night I spent babysitting my adorable Nieces! We went and got food and then came back to their house and watched TV for most of the night. And of course Miss Rylei(the youngest) was kind of cranky and would not let me put her down or sit down with her. The only thing that would calm her down was putting her in her stroller and pushing her around the house. So that's what I did. I finally got her and the other two to fall asleep and then my Brother and my SIL showed back up. And then I headed home and went to bed. 

Saturday I woke up and did a few things around the house. Cleaned up a bit, painted my nails, watched some Bones on Netflix. Ya know, the usual for me. Then after all that morning fun, I got ready to head out to the Colorado Rapids game with my friends. 

It was a BIG game. They were playing Real Salt Lake in their final game of the Rocky Mountain Cup series and the Rapids only needed to tie or win to bring the Rocky Mountain Cup back to Colorado. So it was a very nerve wracking and intense game. 

About 20 minutes into the game, they had to stop play because of lightning in the area. About an hour later and after sitting in the pouring down rain, they finally resumed play. They played the rest of the first half in the pouring rain. During halftime we decided to go up underneath the concourse at the stadium and good thing we did because it started pouring even more. But eventually we had to go back out because the second half was getting ready to start. 

The approaching storms and sitting in the rain!
It rained through most of the second half, but we didn't care because the Rapids ended up coming back to tie the game. And since the game ended in a tie, the Rapids won the Rocky Mountain Cup!!!!!!!!!!! 

It was such a great game and I was so excited that I got to be there. Thanks again to my friends for getting me tickets! You guys rock!

After the game we went to get some food. It was pretty late so we went to Famous Daves because we knew they would still be open. It was delicious!! 

Sunday we slept in, which was nice. I was exhausted after two late nights in a row. Once we started getting around, we headed down to my friends house to pick up their truck so that we could head up to my Aunts and the In Laws house to pick up a few things. 

At my Aunts, we picked up our new to us queen size bed!!!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am about this. It's crazy how much more room I have to sleep now! When you go from a full to a queen, you notice the difference. Let's just say that I have slept very very well the last few nights!

At the Hubby's parents house we picked up our new to us patio set. Aran's parents bought a new set recently, so they gave their old set to us. So I have a project for this weekend. I am going to be painting the patio set with that rustoleum stuff. Well, that's if I have time between a baby shower and possibly going out dancing. And if it isn't raining. 

Anywho, after we picked up the patio set we headed back home. I am very proud to say that I drove the truck the whole time. I always worry about driving something bigger than a car. But I did a good job, which makes me think that when I get my new vehicle that I will do just fine driving it. 

So that was our weekend. Busy once again, but lots of fun. 

I promise that I am going to try and quit being so lazy and get some posts up this week. Have a great Tuesday everyone!



  1. so exciting about the rapids! woot woot! even though it rained :) we've really been getting dumped on recently! have a good day!!


  2. I love for the weekends that are not completely eaten up. Still hasn't happened yet. Your nieces are adorable!

  3. Your nieces are so cute. Love the stroller in the house idea. Whatever works right!

    I can't blog at work and I can't seem to find enough time to blog and read/comment on other blogs. I don't know how people do it that can't do it at work. It is so hard!


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