Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Recap

 Good morning everyone! It's Monday which means back to the grind and time for my weekend recap. 

Friday after work, one of my friends from work and my family headed down to the Colorado State Fair. We went to watch the Rodeo and see the Randy Houser concert afterwards. The Rodeo was pretty good. The riding event guys were having issues staying on though, so that was kind of a bummer. 

After the Rodeo, we went out into the arena to watch Randy Houser. I saw him at Country Jam and although I like his music, I am not sure that I am a fan. He just doesn't get the crowd going very much. And now seeing him for a second time, I am convinced that it is him. But it was still fun to watch the show with my friends and family. 

After the concert was over, we headed over to the area of the fair that had all the games and food. We spent most of our time watching my Nieces play games or go on rides. It was fun to watch them having so much fun.  And my oldest Niece Makenzi even won a prize for me. She successfully got a ping pong ball into a colored dish, so she got to pick out a Minion from Despicable Me for me. It was so cute. My Minion is currently on my shelf in my office. 

It was a fun night. It was a late night, but it was fun. It was great getting to spend some time with my family and friends. 

Saturday morning the Hubby and I were up early to take our Louie dog to the groomers. He needed a hair cut so badly. So we took him to the groomers and dropped him off, and then I made the Hubby take me out to breakfast. I mean it was a freaking miracle that he was even awake so early, so I took full advantage of it. 

After breakfast we ran a few errands. We went and picked up our tickets for the ball game that night. And then we went to Home Depot to get the rest of the paint to finish painting our patio furniture. Shortly after we ran our errands and then headed home, I got a call that Louie was ready to be picked up, so I headed over to go get him. He looked so handsome after having his hair cut. 

After picking up Louie, I spent the rest of my afternoon spray painting patio furniture. I will show you guys the final results of that in a post later this week. After spray painting all afternoon, it was time to get ready to head to the baseball game. It was Sky Fest at the minor league baseball teams game on Saturday. Sky Fest always has a theme and is always the biggest fireworks show of the year. This years theme was Star Trek, so not only was my hubby geeking out, so were a few of our friends, so we all headed to the game together. 

It was a good game. They Sky Sox won and the fireworks show was amazing. And the little Star Trek story line they had put together was cute, but in my opinion was kind of boring too, haha! Sorry to you Star Trek fans out there, but I really didn't get what was going on most of the time. But the Hubby and our friends seemed to enjoy it.

After the game and the fireworks were over, we headed home and watched the Broncos game and then headed to bed. It was another great night spent with great friends. 

Sunday morning  I got up and immediately got to work on finishing the patio furniture. It only needed a few more coats, so I was happy that I finally completed that. I also went grocery shopping, picked us up some lunch and then picked up the house a bit too. I was trying to keep myself busy so that the time would hopefully go by quickly until the VMA's came on at 7. 

I am not usually one for the VMA's but when I heard that Justin Timberlake was performing and that an *NSync reunion was possibly going down, I HAD to watch! And I am glad that I did. I hated sitting through the rest of it, but once Justin took the stage, it made it all worth it. 

 And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, *NSync reunited on stage and I was once again my 10 year old self, screaming and squealing at the TV while sitting on my couch. In between the screams and squeals, I was singing along at the top of my lungs. 


Seeing them back onstage together completely made my night. Heck, my month! And even though I know the chances of them actually getting back together and having a reunion tour are very slim, it still made me excited to see them together on that stage again. And when Justin accepted his award, I thought it was very cool that he acknowledged his fellow band mates and thanked them for helping his career get to where it is now! It was such a great performance by everyone involved and I am just glad that I decided to watch it!

After the VMA's it was time for bed, because well, I had to come to work this morning. But it was a great weekend and as I was falling asleep I just kept thinking about all the great times I had with my family and friends. And how I can't wait til next weekend. Not only is it a three day weekend because of the Holiday, but a certain little Niece of mine is turning 1! And somebody might be coming into town and I can not contain my excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope that you all had a great weekend. And I hope this week flies by so that we can all enjoy a three day weekend!



  1. I love going to fairs in the summer, I've been to four already and there are at least three more going into the fall!

    Looks like you had a great weekend :)

  2. You had such a fun weekend it sounds like! NSYNC was amaaaaaazing! Totally worth having to suffer through the Miley Cyrus shit show.

  3. OMG Louie is so cute. I didn't end up watching the VMA's but holy crap, Joey Fatone looks like he could unhinge his jaw and eat the rest of the band members

  4. I ended up watching Justin's performance yesterday, and he ROCKED! He is awesome. The rest of the band wasn't looking so hot!! Sorry guys!


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