Friday, August 23, 2013

Rain, Hail & Flooding! Oh My!

Around 7 pm last night, I was finishing up my Zumba class at the gym when I looked out the door to see that it was raining. And I mean pouring. Buckets! So I gathered all of my stuff up after class and booked it out of the gym and to my car hoping that if I ran fast enough that I wouldn't get completely drenched. Yeah, no such luck. Once I was in my car, this is what it looked like. 

I started to head home from the gym and quickly realized it was not going to be an easy drive. It was raining so hard and with so much intensity that the streets were starting to flood. So I decided to go a different way home, which still proved to be very difficult (I almost got stock in a few spots) but I got home in one piece and my car wasn't carried away by water or stuck in a huge pool of water. 

When I got home, we had a small river running down our street along with hail piled up against our house. The first thing I noticed once I actually pulled into the driveway is that our flag was missing. So after I got in the garage and parked, I got out of the car and started looking for it. The wind and rain had been so bad, that it actually bent the flag pole and it broke off and was laying on the side of our house. Not only did the bad weather kill our flag, but it killed my flowers and shredded my beautiful tree! I was really sad when I saw how awful my tree looked this morning. 

We however were very lucky! There were a lot of other places in town that weren't as lucky and they had roads completely wash out, along with bad flooding and a ton of other stuff. So in comparison to the rest of our town, we got off pretty easy. 

I don't want to say that I am tired of the rain because we definitely still need it, but I just wish it wouldn't be so destructive. We apparently can not have a happy medium for our weather here. It is either so hot that the state is on fire, or it is raining so much that we have flash flooding everywhere. Again, no happy medium. 

We are supposed to get some more rain today, but hopefully it won't be as bad. Fingers crossed! Especially since this girl is going to the State Fair to see the rodeo and a concert tonight! I would really appreciate it not raining on my fair, ha!

Happy Friday everyone! And I hope that you have a great weekend!



  1. Yikes! That sucks about the flagpole and the plants! Bonus? Totally sweatpants and movie weather.

  2. Wow. That's pretty crazy. I've been dreaming of a nice rainy Sunday where I can have an excuse not to get out of PJs. Send some this way. No hail though. I'm good on that one.

  3. Nuts!! I'll never forget a rain storm we had a few years ago. It was brutal, like this one. We had thunder and lighting with ours though too. It rained maybe 2 hours. Afterwards we went outside and there was snow! I mean hail exactly like your pictures but it seriously looked like snow! I have never ever seen it before. It put holes in the leaves of my moms plants too. Do you have a basement?

  4. We had a bad storm like that earlier this summer, I didn't think I would ever get home from work! It hasn't rained in Ohio for a few weeks and man we could use some now, but I'll pass on the destruction part too!

  5. The rain has been OUT OF CONTROL! Did you see that video of that video of a man being washed away on 24?? So scary!

  6. That is a crazy storm! I've never seen hail that like!


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