Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Online Baby Shower

Saturday, August 10th had finally arrived. The day that myself and Lou's two sisters had been planning for months. Lou's online baby shower was finally here. You know, the one that I made the Dr. Seuss invitations for? Yeah, that one!

There was one small problem though. The package that I sent that not only had my gifts but also had the shower decorations in it, didn't show up. And as of yesterday, it still hasn't (damn you USPS and taking forever getting things to Hawaii). So the night before the shower, Lou and I were doing a practice chat and I showed her the pictures of the decorations that she would have had, had her package showed up.

I made this Dr. Seuss themed Congrats banner using the digital kits I got. I cut out the letters using my circle cutter again and then attached them to the flags and then attached the flags to ribbon.

Do you like how my kitty photobombed this picture?
I also made a Truffula Tree "It's A Girl!" Banner. Again I used the digital kits that I bought to create the images and then I used my circle cutter to cut them out and then again just attached them to ribbon.

Around 4 pm, once everyone was ready to go, we all hopped onto Google Hangouts to get the festivities going. Aside from my computer completely flipping shit about 30 minutes in, everything went pretty well.

We started off the shower by playing "Guess How Big Lou's Belly Is?" game. I won that one! I was within two inches of her actual measurement and I was even on the low side of it. I am sure she appreciated that.

After we were done with the first game, it was time for them to open the gifts that did show up on time. They got lots of great things from their friends and family. Everybody was so generous and I know that Lou and her Husband appreciated all of it so much!

Lou and her Husband on the left. And them opening their gifts on the right.
They have decided on a Wonder Woman theme for their little girls room decor. 
After the gifts were all opened, we played one more game. We played, Guess the Celebrity where I showed them a picture of a baby and they had to guess which Celebrity that baby turned out to be. We had 13 celebrities in total. It was definitely fun to see everyone's guesses and see who got the most right. The winner of this game was Vero with eight correct guesses!!

This was my favorite of the celebrities that I picked, haha!
After the game was over, we all chatted for a little bit longer and then one by one we all started to sign off. It was a fun filled two hours of showering Lou and her Hubby and their soon to be here little one. And it was great getting to see all of her friends and family. I wish we could have done the shower in person, but this was a great substitute and I know that Lou and her Husband really appreciated all the hard work we put into it.



  1. What a cool idea! I'm glad things worked out well other than the delay in the gifts arriving :)

  2. That sucks that she didn't get your package. I hope they tracked it to see where it could be! Looks like you have so much fun though!

  3. UGH I hate USPS for this exact reason! Everything you made is so cute, I'm glad you had such an awesome time. The google hangout is so cool!

  4. This is such a great idea when you are so far away! Next time I throw a baby shower, I am totally stealing that guess what the baby is dressed as game, lol!

  5. congrats on a job well done! This was so clever and so sweet!


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