Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hey guys! I hope your weekend was awesome. 

My weekend started last Thursday night, but didn't start out too great. Thursday at lunch I had to run a few errands and when I was leaving from one place to go to another, my car wouldn't start. So I called my co-worker to see if she could come pick me up and then I called emergency road side service to get my car towed. 

Later on that day I had my co-worker take me back to my car to meet the tow truck driver to give him my keys. When we got there I decided to try and start my car. Well it started right up. So then when the tow truck got there, I told him that it started, but I still wanted it towed to my Brothers house because something was still wrong. But he didn't listen to me and he told me that he was a mechanic and that he wanted to check my battery and everything. So he looked at my battery which had some corrosion on it and told me to buy a coke and pour it over it. Well the car started again after this. No shit! It started before you did that too so obviously it's not that. But again, this guy didn't listen to me. He told me that I shouldn't waste one of my tows. 

I was done dealing with this guy at this point, so I said whatever and got in my car and went back to work. It started just fine when I left work on Thursday night, so I just went home and parked it for the rest of the night. We spent the remained of our Thursday night watching the Broncos first pre-season game and having dinner. I am so excited that football is back. It means that Fall is right around the corner which means that cute coats, hats, scarves, and falling leaves are coming soon and most importantly that Pumpkin Spice will be back at Starbucks soon! Priorities people!

I took Friday off of work so that I could sleep in a little bit and run some errands. Well I was out running some more errands and my car wouldn't start again. I was on the phone with my Mom at the time so she told me to try pumping my clutch a few times and then try starting it. Well this seemed to work. So we think that it might be my clutch switch, but my Brother has yet to verify that, so until then, let's just keep our fingers crossed that my car keeps starting. 

Friday night we spent at home doing pretty much nothing. We did go to Best Buy where I bought Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on Blu-Ray for $8!!! I was pretty excited about this purchase. Then we went to iTopIt and had some frozen yogurt and then made a quick stop at Kohl's where I found some awesome curtains on sale for $16 a panel. We now have new curtains in our living room, but did I remember to take a picture? Of course not!

Saturday we got up and had breakfast and then headed to the gym. I went to my Zumba class while Aran just did his own workout. Afterwards we ran a few more errands and then headed home so that I could get things ready for Lou's online baby shower. 

The baby shower went pretty well. We had a few glitches here and there with our computers, but more on that in posts later this week. 

After the shower, I went out dancing with my friend Megan and her Mom and Sister at this little hole in the wall bar called the Mill Hill. It's a more low key country bar that doesn't charge a cover and it isn't a club scene like the other country bar in town. Megan taught me how to two step and we came up with an idea for flash cards that every group of women should carry when going out. A green flash card means everything is good. A red flash card means save me! Haha! We had a good time and potentially found her sister a new boyfriend, haha!

Sunday we slept in again. Neither the Hubby or myself or our dog wanted to get out of bed. But we eventually had to. We got some breakfast and then cleaned up the house. Then it was outside to mow the lawns and kill some weeds! Just as we were finishing all of that up, Aran's parents showed up with the rest of our patio set that they gave us. And once again, I didn't take pictures of the patio set, but I will once I am done re-painting it and get some new cushions for it. 

After Aran's parents left, I headed to the grocery store and did our shopping for the week. Once I got back home I did all of our food prep for the week. I made my breakfast cups for the week. I cut up a bunch of cantaloupe. And I got all of our stuff measured and portioned out for our lunches and snacks for the rest of the week! I felt very accomplished after all of this, haha! And not only that but it made getting everything ready this morning very easy!

After getting all of our food ready for the week, I made us dinner and then we sat down and watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince before I had to leave to head downtown for the Rapids watch party. They were playing Chivas USA so the game didn't start until 9 here, but we wanted to go down and watch the game anyways. 

Well it was a complete shit show of a game. I am completely convinced that the Rapids head coach has no freaking clue what he is doing when he puts his line up together and when he decides to put subs in. For instance, why would you leave one of your best defenders on the bench? And after the opposing team scores within the first seven minutes of the game and your defense sucks almost the entire first half, why wouldn't you put someone else in? It was such a frustrating and entertaining game to watch. Especially considering there were three red cards in this game. That's insane. Luckily the Rapids scored within the last ten minutes to end the game in a tie. 

After the game I headed home where I proceeded to hit the pillow on my bed and not look back. It had been a long weekend, but it was once again fun. But since it is Monday, it's back to the grind. Oh joy! I hope you guys had a great weekend and again, sorry for no pictures. Have a great Monday everyone!



  1. I hate car issues. So frustrating. I just bought a new car b/c mine had several issues that were going to be too expensive to fix. Hope yours is something easy!

  2. Dude, your boy played on Friday. He sucked! You can have him back. Haha. How did my boy do?

  3. Hope everything turns out okay with your car! Such a pain to deal with. I too am eager for fall to get here!!


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