Wednesday, August 10, 2011

An Afternoon at Hobby Lobby

Oh Hobby Lobby, how you will love me within the next few months. Yesterday I took the afternoon off to get a few things done, and when I say that, I actually mean that I just wanted to go walk around Hobby Lobby for a few hours to get some ideas.

First of all let me say that I could not believe that I walked into Hobby Lobby in August and ALL of their Christmas stuff is already up. Wow!! Anyways, I started on one side of the store and kind of just went up and  down and browsed each aisle. The first thing that I stumbled upon was this adorable love birds stamp that I may end up buying if we end up getting a pocket fold invite. I really want to make a little seal that goes on the outside and I think this stamped on it would be adorable.

I continued walking around the store and eventually found the couple of aisles that had wedding stuff. It took me a while to look at everything because there was this group of about 10 people who were all together looking at wedding stuff and they were taking up almost the entire aisle! Move please! There are others who are getting married too, haha! Once I was able to look at everything I found a few things that I will definitely be going back for. I have been on the look out for a guest book that is pretty, but not so girly. Well, I found this one and I love it. It is in our colors and it even has some pearls on it. And, it has a matching Ring Bearer pillow which is perfect. There were also some other things that matched it like the flower girl baskets and a few other things, but having our ceremony in a Catholic church, they don't allow you to throw flower petals so I won't be needing the flower girl baskets. I think they may just carry those little balls of flowers (not sure what they are called.)

I have also been looking for a cute little bird cage to put on the table to hold cards. I have found a few online but I wanted to look around town first to see if they were available so that I wouldn't have to pay shipping because I am cheap like that. Not only that, but I like to be able to put my hands on things before I purchase them. Well I actually found one in the Wedding section that is specifically for this. And, it is only $19.99! Yes!! Sorry, if you don't know me very well I should probably tell you that I am a pretty frugal person. I am all about getting the best price that I can. So, this little bird cage is now going on the list of things to buy.

I picked up a few non wedding items yesterday while I was there and when I went to check out I asked the lady at the register if she knows how often the Wedding stuff goes on sale. Well, she told me at least once a month it all goes on sale and it almost always goes 50% off. Score! So I signed up for their emails so that I can found out when this is and go pick up the items that I am wanting for half of the price. The guest book and pillow are both $29.99 each originally so I will be able to get those for about $15 each and then the bird cage I will be able to get for about $10. Music to my ears!

Have you found your guest book? Do you look for everything to be on sale when it comes to buying stuff for the wedding?


*All images were taken from Hobby Lobby's website


  1. i love all the stuff! ps...i had no idea they had an email list. i'm signing up because its good to know when their wedding stuff goes on sale!

  2. Oh yea I go in there ALL the time to roam the aisle and get ideas!! I love that store! And yes the one by me has their x-mas stuff up and it made my heart drop when I saw it!

  3. Oohhh I need to get myself to a hobby lobby asap!


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