Monday, August 8, 2011

Tuxedos and Invites, Oh My!

This weekend turned out to be productive and stressful all at the same time. Saturday we had decided to go pick out the tuxedosthat the guys would be wearing before we went to our marriage prep class. So we drove to Men's Wearhouse and began the process of picking out colors of vests, and shirts and neck wear, etc, etc.

We picked out some great tuxes for Aran and his guys as well as the adorable little tux that our ring bearer will be wearing and also the tuxes that the fathers will be wearing (hopefully.) We went kind of a different direction and got brown tuxes since my girls will have brown dresses. I was really excited with everything that we picked out until she told us the price. $177 for them to RENT these tuxes. I very quickly was having second thoughts about what we had picked out. Now, I knew that the rental was going to cost them over a $100, but I wasn't expecting it to be so close to $200. The lady was able to apply a 10% off coupon and so it knocked the price down to $160 or so, which was a little bit better, but still wasn't sitting very well with me. So we left the store to head over to our marriage prep class and I was just ready to start crying. I know I shouldn't be worried about this because it isn't anything that we are paying for, but I still feel bad making the people in our wedding pay that much for a rental. Now if they were keeping it, maybe, but even then, that is still a lot!

After our marriage prep class, we met with the guy that will be doing our invitations. He met us at our church and just dropped off the HUGE book of invites so that we could pour through them. The first time that we looked through the book, there were three or four that really jumped out at us. We went through the book a second time later that night and again, the same ones jumped out to us. Then I went through the book on my own and picked my top 3 and then Aran went through the book and picked out his top 3. We compared our top choices and thankfully our #1 picks were both the same. So ladies and gentlemen, we have an invitation!!!!!!! We have already picked out the color of ink that will be used, the font and the format, now all that we have to decide is what it will say. And yes, for those of you wondering, it IS a pocket fold. The color of the pocket fold isn't exactly what I was hoping it to be, but you can't change the colors of these, so it is either go with it and add some flare ourselves, or find someone else to do the invites, and did I mention he is giving us a killer deal? So, I would rather not go anywhere else. And besides, I am actually quite in love with these invites!

There we have it! We have tuxedos and we have invites! Check and Check!! I am so glad that we are finally getting some of these things done. Oh, and did I mention that as of yesterday we are at 5 months to go? Aghh! I think I just got stressed out typing that, haha!

If you don't mind me asking, what did your guys have to pay for their tuxedo rental? Where did you go to get them? Were the invites that you chose what you originally thought you would want?


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  1. congrats on tuxes and pocketfolds! you should look for coupons at davids bridal or other places like that for discounts at men's warehouse. i got a coupon for ours and my fiance's tux is free AND the guys get a discount. see what you can manage to pull if you're still uncomfortable. :)


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