Friday, August 12, 2011

First Meeting With Our Florist

Tomorrow we have our first meeting with our florist. I am very excited about this meeting. I can't wait to meet our florist, Karrie and hear the ideas that she has for the bouquets that I want. I really hope that she can see the vision that I have in my head.

Now I can't remember if I have told you guys what my plans are for flowers other than just bouquets and boutonniere's, but that is because there aren't any. I don't want centerpieces or flowers for the church or anything. Bouquets and boutonniere's and corsages and that is it. The church will still be decorated from the holiday season with Christmas tree's that only have lights on them and then poinsettia's everywhere. It is so beautiful the way that it is that I don't want to change a thing.

A Picture of the Church that I took last

I really hope that our meeting goes well. I am sure that it will. I will fill you guys in on all of the details when I get a chance after the meeting. If you haven't read what kind of flowers I am wanting for the wedding, you can do that here.

Have you met with your florist yet? Did they get the vision that you were going for?


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  1. our church is going to have christmas decorations too (since we're getting married dec 3). our church doesn't have trees, but they have lots of garland with beautiful wreaths. you're smart to keep it simple and not add anything else. it's going to look great! have fun meeting with your florist.


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