Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rewind on Invitations

Okay, so yesterday I told you guys that we had picked out an invitation. Well, little did I know that the more the day wore on and the more that I looked at it, I realized we were settling for something that wasn't really what we wanted. I say this because with the options that we had, the only thing that you could change on the invite was the ink color. So if the design you wanted wasn't in your color, too bad, you had to pick something else or deal with it. We are choosing to pick something else. I think we were wanting the process to be so easy that we were ready to settle for something that had the overall idea of what we were going for, but wasn't exactly what we were wanting. So when I got home yesterday, Aran and I talked about the invites and I told him how I was feeling about it and he seemed to agree (I secretly think he doesn't really care what they look like, haha!)

Now when we picked up this book of invites the guy that owns the company flat out told us that we didn't need to feel obligated to choose something out of this monstrous book of invites. He made it seem like he could work with us to make our invite what we want it to be instead of just picking something out of a book. So, I think we are going to try and go this route first. Once he gets back from vacation, we are going to go in and talk with him and see what else he can do for us and get a feel for the price to see if it is something that we can afford.

I am really hoping that this works out because I think we would be much happier having more of a say in what the invite looks like. Fingers crossed everyone! And yes, I know, I am being way indecisive and picky, but I feel like I am entitled to be picky and indecisive if it is our money that we are spending, haha! Hope everyone is having a great day.

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