Saturday, August 20, 2011

Invitations Round 2

You may remember our invitation dilemma a few weeks ago where we thought we had found our invitations, but then soon realized that it wasn't at all what we wanted. Well after stressing out about it for another week, I just quit thinking about it because the guy that we are working with was out of town, so there really wasn't much we could do until he got back.

The problem that we were running into was that there weren't a lot of options of invited in our colors, or there was something that was in our colors and it was either too plain or just not at all what we wanted. So you may  see why I was so frustrated about this. Now if you would have been able to change colors on some of these, we would probably already have an invitation picked out.

Well, he is back now and I called him yesterday to discuss what our options were. He pretty much told me that he could print anything that we want. He said that we didn't need to feel limited by the options in the book that he gave us. So we are meeting with him again today to hopefully figure this whole situation out. Well, wish us luck and of course I will give you guys an update on how the invitation process is coming along.

How long did it take you to decide on your invitations?



  1. Good luck Megan! I can't wait to see them. :)

  2. Thats great that there are more out there than you thought, I ran into that too, there is not much in navy and fushia, I just ordered a sample of one that I have my heart set on but now am afraid what if when it gets here I am not over the moon about it, then its back to the drawing board and I am set back. Hope you find something you like!


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