Monday, August 22, 2011

Invitations And A Productive Weekend

Ladies and Gentleman, it is official. WE HAVE AN INVITATION!!! And, it is being custom designed for us! Can you picture me jumping  up and down with excitement right now? Well if you can't you should try because this is what I have been doing since we met with Dennis on Saturday!

When we met with Dennis(the printer), I expressed how I just wasn't finding anything that I was in love with and kind of explained to him what it was that I was really looking for. Well, he told me that custom printing that for us was absolutely not a problem. Music to my ears! So we are providing him with the bronze shimmery pocket that everything will go into along with the mailing envelope and he is printing the invitations, the response card, and the reception card and our thank you cards.

He hasn't quoted us a price yet, but from what he told us, it will be cheaper than what we were going to pay for the ones from the book that he had. Picture me doing another happy dance right now. Now of course we had to buy the pockets and the mailing envelopes, but I ordered them this morning from and it cost $105. Which really isn't that bad considering that I ordered 101 pockets and 101 mailing envelopes. I ordered one extra of each so that I could give our printer Dennis a sample of each. I am unbelievably excited about our invites and I can't wait to see the finished product! And of course, I will share that with you guys once they are all sent out and I know that our guests have received them.

Now, we also accomplished a few other things this weekend for the wedding as well. Last week I set up an appointment with the bakery that we are using so that we could do a tasting a discuss what we want the cake to look like. Well that appointment isn't until the 3rd of September, but Aran's Mom was nice enough to stop off at the bakery and pick up some cake samples for us to try when we came up this weekend. OMG! is about all I have to say about their cakes. They are so amazing and delicious. We have picked out four flavors that we would like to use. Three will be for the main cake and one will be for the grooms cake. I will fill you in on more of that once we actually have our meeting.

Something else that I am very pleased with is that I started a DIY project for one of the gifts for all of the girls involved with the wedding. I set out to make the wooden name hangers for each girls dress and the first attempt at them wasn't that great, but once I figured out how to finagle the wire the way that it should lay, they are turning out amazing. I only have three out of the 14 that I have to make done, but be sure to look for a post about that very soon!

I hope that everyone had an amazing weekend. Are you doing any DIY projects? How many flavors of cake did you have for your cake?


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