Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life and Everything Else

Here recently my life has been consumed with nothing but Wedding madness, so I thought it might be a good time to fill you guys in on what else has been going on in my life other than the crazy Wedding planning.

There for a while, Aran and I were having to go up to Denver every weekend because of the classes that I was taking to become Catholic. Well, those are now over and so are our Marriage Prep classes that we were also attending up there, so needless to say, our weekends have slowed down A LOT! It has been really nice to not have to go up there every weekend. I have actually been able to sleep in. That never happens! And when I say sleep in, I mean I actually didn't roll out of bed until noon one day.

A few weeks ago we had a surprise going away/Birthday party for my little sister. A few of her friends took her swimming down at one of the creeks here and then brought her back blindfolded and told her that their mom had a surprise for her but that she wasn't allowed to see where they were going. I wish you could have seen her friends leading her into the house blindfolded. I think she almost fell a few times. It took everything I had not to burst into laughter, but I had to be quiet because she didn't know we were in the house. We surprised her and then of course we ate and talked for a few hours. She left for college a few weeks ago and Aran and I tried to make sure that she had a few of the things that she would really need for school. We bought her some bed sheets, a shower caddy, a trash can, and of course some cute towels. She loved all of them and so far I believe they are coming in great use. I can't wait to send her care packages full of fun stuff and of course, food!

Finally in the house


Something else very big happened a few weeks ago. My oldest niece MaKenzi started preschool. I was one proud Aunty that day. Unfortunately I didn't get to help take her to school, but I was there to pick her up. It made me feel so good when we went to pick her up when she ran straight past everyone else, and ran straight to me and screamed "Megan!!!!!!!!!!!!" It made my heart melt! She had a great day at school though. She made friends and she got to have snack and they made a pretty picture with tissue paper and glue. And according to MaKenzi, "I did a really good job, I didn't even get the glue on my hands!" It was so cute! She is growing up so fast, and some days I enjoy it, other days, I wish she would stop growing.

All dressed and ready for school!

Striking a pose! Kelsi decided she wanted in too!

My brother walking her into the school

Waiting to go into her classroom

Lined up going to recess. She didn't even
know we were there.

Running towards us and screaming "Megan!!!"

Last Friday I picked MaKenzi up from school and then we went home and picked up her little sister, my youngest niece Kelsi, and we had a sleepover. We ate pizza, cheetos, and we baked chocolate chip cookies and ate them with Blue Bell Ice Cream. We watched Tangled and a Fairy Barbie movie that the girls picked out. The next morning we got up and had breakfast and got dressed. I tried to braid the girls hair the best I could and then we went to the playground for a little while. After that my brother and his wife came and picked them up. Of course MaKenzi kept asking when they could come back again. Hopefully really soon because I miss them already!

Overall, things have slowed down as far as classes and appointments go. But, now I have all of these DIY projects that I have been working on. Once I get a few of them finished I will do some posts so that hopefully I can share how to do them with you guys. I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!


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  1. Lots of big things happening for you, your niece is so stinkin cute!! Hope your having a great weekend!


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