Friday, August 26, 2011


Okay, so maybe this is just me, but I have been way to anxious about things lately. Maybe it is just my excitement building, or maybe I am just an impatient person, but I just wish a few things would magically appear. You probably think that I am talking crazy, but I have a few things that I am anxiously awaiting to get here and it just seems like it is not happening very quickly.

The first thing would be the proof for our invites. He said he would have it to us by today or by the latest Monday. Well, I am really hoping for today so I have been checking my email like a crazy person in hopes that it will be there one of these times. Well, so far that email hasn't appeared. Darn! Also, our pockets and the outer envelopes that I ordered on Monday were supposed to be delivered today, but when I went to check the status of it on UPS's website, it said there was an "Exception". There wasn't much detail about the "exception" just that sometime between Wednesday and today, something unforeseen happened and now, they won't be delivered until Monday probably. Well darn again!

The other thing that I am anxiously awaiting is my veil to get here. I ordered it about two weeks ago and according to the convo that I had with the Etsy seller, she said that her turn around time is about two weeks, so I am hoping that it will be here soon. I think I am just too excited to see how everything turns out and that is why it feels like it is taking an ETERNITY to get here.

Hopefully I will be able to take my mind off of some of these things this weekend. Here in about 15 minutes I am leaving work to go pick up my oldest niece MaKenzi from preschool and then we are going to go get her little sister and we are going to have a sleepover tonight, so hopefully they will take my mind off of things. I hope that you all have a great weekend and hopefully I will have some updates on Monday for you guys.

Did it ever feel like everything was taking forever to get to you? Were you super anxious about things too?



  1. aww i hope you get your stuff soon! it's always so exciting when you're awaiting the arrival of wedding stuff.

  2. well I know you got the proof so that's good..hope that calmed you down a bit. I def. had moments like this during planning. It's def. normal!


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