Sunday, August 14, 2011

Don't People Want My Business?

I'm not sure if any of you have had problems with this, but this is about the 3rd time this has happened to me. I have been contacting online shops and shops on Etsy about different things for our wedding and I don't know why but for some odd reason, I just don't seem to get any kind of response back from them. Do they not want my business or my money?

The first time this happened was a few months ago. I want to get my nieces tutu dresses for our wedding so that they can have them to play dress up in later. And, I don't want them in white and if you know my nieces, you can understand why. Well, a few months ago, I found a tutu dress that I really loved from a seller on Etsy. I contacted her through her email like she asked and I never heard anything from her. Well, your loss lady! You will not be getting my business or my money!

Recently I have found another tutu dress that I love even more than I loved the first one I found. Now, I have a really great friend of mine who is possibly going to make them for me if she can, but if she can't I am going to contact a seller who also makes these. Well actually I have already tried to contact her just to see what her turn around time is so that if my friend isn't able to do these, then I can contact her in time to get these dresses done. Well, I tried to contact her last week and I still haven't heard anything. I'm going to give her a few more days and hopefully I will hear from her. I realize it has only been a few days and not only that, but it is the weekend and so she may not answer on the weekends, so again I am going to give her a few days before I get too upset.

I just can't help feel like I am being ignored some days with this stuff. I feel like they look at my email and go, "Oh, she is asking me to do too much work. Not responding!" I know this probably isn't the case, but it sure does feel like it some days. Ugh! Well, time to play the waiting game. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Have you had problems with sellers contacting you back? What did you do to fix a situation like this if you have encountered it?

****UPDATE****Immediately after I posted this, I received an email from the lady, haha! Go figure! But, I think it is still a great topic of discussion considering that some people may be going through the same thing!


  1. Yes I def. had some trouble with people not getting back to me. I think it's so unprofessional, and really lose some faith in them when that happens. But this is also the type of industry where people are not glued to their computers all day long..they are constantly meeting with people and venues- soooo I guess we should take that into consideration..but it's still no excuse. Hire an assistant that can respond to clients!

  2. I have always had good luck with etsy when I have had questions and gotten responses..but yes at a few venues when they did not email right away I would get upset..I tried not to overthink it and just kinda thought maybe it was me being an impatient bride. But when I think you work with brides, you need to be quick to respond back! We can get crazy!! lol.


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