Thursday, March 24, 2011

3 Day Weekend for Me!

Rachelle and I at my graduation last year
I have a three day weekend! I have a three day weekend! Not trying to rub it in or anything, haha. Okay, mabye a little! It is going to be another long
weekend though, so I feel as though I deserve the day off. First off tomorrow, my little sister Rachelle and I will be going to look for a Prom Dress for her. It is her Senior Year of High School so we have to find her a killer dress and hopefully for a killer price too. So we will be running around all over to try and find something that she loves. She is very picky like me so it should be an interesting shopping day. We will go to the usual places like Ross, TJ Max and Marshall's because you can sometimes find some great dresses there for a great price. If we don't find anything at any of those we may have to go to the bigger department stores, which means spending more money.

I am also taking my car in tomorrow to get my new tires put on and to have an alignment done. My poor car needs to be pampered! I may even decide to clean my car out and detail the inside of it and maybe even take it to the car wash, but I'm not going to get ahead of myself, haha! I get pretty lazy when it comes to that stuff.

On Saturday we have another busy day full of wedding planning. Yay! We have a meeting with one photographer at 11:00, then we have a meeting with the Event Manager of the venue we want at 12:30, and then at 2:00 we are meeting another photographer. The good thing about meeting with the two photographers is that we will definitely know after this weekend which of the three photographers that we have met with will be the one for us. I am excited about that. I have a feeling that we have already met with the photographer that we are going to pick, but just to make sure we wanted to meet with a few others.

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Last weekend we met with a photography company called Yellow Paddle Photography. They are an affordable photography company who have up and coming photographers as well as professionals. Now you get to choose from like 10 up and coming photographers or you can choose the pro's. The professionals packages are more expensive of course, but if we do decide to go with them, we are choosing the up and coming photographers because their work is just as great as the pro's and so much more affordable. I loved the feel that I got from the owner of the company when we met with her and I loved the packages that they offered and especially the price tag that was associated with the packages. If you would like to check them out, you can do so here.

Another thing on the schedule this weekend is to pick up my ring from the jeweler. I took it in for the six month inspection and one of the diamonds on the inside of the band was missing. I was so bummed because I had to hand my ring over for atleast a week. :( My finger feels naked without that ring. Hopefully it is ready when we go in to get it.

Hopefully my adventures this weekend will go off without a hitch. I hope that everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the few days off.



  1. im sure you guys will find the perfect dress...i wanna see which one you pick!

  2. The Yellow Paddle company looks wonderful. It makes me wish that I was in Denver or that I could find someone like that here in VA, their prices are great and they aren't overcharging you for what you need. I hope you have a good weekend!

  3. Thanks for reading! You know I didn't even know that a company like theirs existed until my soon to be sister told me about them. Something you might want to look into is a student photographer. I was reading your blog and saw that you are still in college so I would suggest going to your art department there and see if you can find a few student photographers who do great work. It can never hurt to look and it may be worth it if you can save money on it. I hope you find someone that works. Have a great weekend!

  4. I actually have 2 sorority sisters who I'm talking to about it! But they don't do videography... which is something that I want so that we can have more than just pictures! But thanks! I will check to see if I can find one the art department!

  5. Lou, I will send you picture for approval, haha! Mrs. Bear, I hope that you can find someone that has everything that you want. The videography wasn't really all that important to us so I didn't even look at that, but I'm sure it is much harder looking for a photographer that has that as an option as well. Good luck!


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